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How to Improve your Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence? What is the importance of emotional intelligence to an entrepreneur and investor? How do you develop emotion intelligence? Well, i advice you read on.

The word “Emotional intelligence” can be seen as the ability to understand, manage, perform your tasks and effectively express your feelings, as well as engage successfully with others without been affected by external or internal surrounding circumstances. 90% of high performers at the work place possess high EQ while 80% of low performers have low EQ. EQ is a measure of emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is absolutely essential in the formation, maintenance, development, and enhancement of close personal relationships; whether in business or any field you find yourself. Without wasting your time, below are 10 keys to quickly improve your emotional intelligence.

Top 10 Best Ways to Improve your Emotional Intelligence

1. You must first understand the importance  of emotional intelligence in all parts of life

To become intellectually capable is important but becoming emotional intelligent can be considered more better as there are many benefits attached with high emotional intelligence. Getting high emotional intelligence can assist you to live a happier life because it is easier to understand. Being rational and calm in difficult or challenging situations becomes the secondary nature and it can also lead you to better relationships along with job opportunities and effective performance in business. Below are four essential elements to emotional intelligence that can assist you to live a balance life:

  • Self awareness: This is the ability to recognize your emotions for what they seems to be and also to understand their origins. It also includes knowing your strengths and limitations including your self-esteem.
  • Self management: This is simply the ability to delay gratification, take initiative and to pull back sudden urge. It is also being able to cope with change and stay committed.
  • Social awareness: This all about being attuned to other people’s emotions and concerns, also being able to take note and adapt to social signals. It is also the ability to see the power dynamics at play around any organizational context or group.
  • Relationship management:  This is just the ability to go along with others, inspire and influence people, communicate effectively and manage conflict.

2.  Learn how to recognize stress triggers

Life is accompanied with challenging and difficult situations from relationship breakdowns to job loss to business challenges. In between, there seems to be myriad stress triggers that can make any daily issue much more challenging and the more stressed we are, that is the more vulnerable we are to be unable to cope with many stresses of life. An important way to improve your emotional intelligence is being able to spot stress triggers and recognize them for what they are and to bring yourself back to feeling relaxed and calm.

3.  Always be open minded

To be emotionally intelligent, you have to be open to new ideas; a narrow mind is just a pure indication of a lower EQ or EI. To develop a more open mind, seek to understand and reflect upon emotions and ideas of other people. Be open to their opinions and ideas so that you will be in a position to consider all the possibilities in a positive manner. Always note that you cannot always be right, but opening your mind and considering new possibilities, will make your mind to expand and become more accepting when you discover that your take on reality is not accurate as you always thought.

4.  Be empathetic and outgoing

Now what is empathy? Empathy is the ability for you to understand others and direct interest towards external properties (i.e, you being focused on what is outside yourself) rather than being focused on the inward (i.e self-absorbed).

To simply break it down, to be selfless is known as extroversion (remember that it is not the same as to be an extrovert) while understanding other people is known as empathy. Empathy and extroversion go concurrently when teamed together, you will have an understanding as a selfless person. A selfish, self centered person in general lacks empathy and one lacking empathy is generally directed to more self interest, such as seeing life through the eyes of their own wants and needs only.

5.  Be Prepared at all times

Rational actions and thinking are the abundant parts of emotional intelligence. When you can understand a situation very well and have a clear idea of it, it makes it possible for you to take rational actions towards addressing it. Conscientiousness is the ability to t analyze situations while deliberation is the ability to respond accordingly in rational manner.

Top 10 Best Ways to Improve your Emotional Intelligence

6.  Be self conscious

To be attentive means to pay attention to yourself and to your surroundings in a positive manner. Knowing who you are comes in a big way. If you do not know who you are, how can you then expect to know others? The worse is to expect others to define you, to delete your autonomy and your sense of life purpose by delineating your pathway for you. Self consciousness is an important criteria for developing emotional intelligence.

7.  Always practice communication skills

Having good communication skills will result in a better emotional intelligence (EQ/EI). A high level of communication skills will make it easier to send across and receive messages that are clear to the point and respect both your boundaries and that of others.

8.  Always be optimistic

People who are optimistic tend to live a successful and happy life. When you are optimistic, it will be easier to see the beauty in life and in everyday objects. In a way, to be optimistic will result in an open mind, making it an important element of improving your emotional intelligence. When you always have a negative outlook on everything, how can you then expect to be emotionally intelligent? Negativity will always encourage you to remain wrapped in your lives instead of building your resilience and shoring yourself against the vicissitudes of life.

9.  Learn to keep cool under pressure

Most people experience some level of stress in their life. How you handle stressful situations can make difference between being assertive and reactive. When you are under pressure, the most essential thing to have in your mind is to remain cool.

10.  You must learn to express your intimate emotions calmly

Your ability to effectively express and validate tender, loving emotions is very important to maintaining close personal relationships. In this situation, sharing intimate feelings with another in right relationship and in a manner that is nourishing and constructive and also being able to respond in agreement when the other does the same keep you in a right emotional track.

In conclusion, If you have a high EQ/EI, Simply consider jobs or businesses that needs interaction with people on a regular basis, as well as jobs involving connection and touch with others. Do not despair, always note that emotional intelligence can be improved, if only you desire it and willingly work towards it. © 2009 - 2014. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.