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About is a business blog launched on the 7th of October 2009 to teach entrepreneurs how to start a business from scratch and grow their business into a multi-million dollar empire.

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We are your leverage to greater heights in business

Our Mission

To help entrepreneurs start a business from scratch and grow the business successfully; by providing them with the necessary business advice and support.

Our Vision

To be one of the most recognized brand online with respect to delivering exceptional business advice and nurturing successful entrepreneurs.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Outstanding Quality,
  • Enduring Relationship

The Ultimate Goal of the Strategic Business Team is

  • To help you develop leadership skills and grow your business
  • To help you develop the necessary entrepreneurial skills to start a business
  • To help you build a business out of your passion or hobby
  • To teach you how to invest your money wisely and achieve financial abundance
  • To help you develop business ideas, raise venture capital and take your idea to the market place
  • To help you build good business relationship with your employees, customers and investors
  • To teach you how sustain your business and bulletproof it from competitors
  • To teach you how to increase sales and brand loyalty
  • To guide you in the strategic management and planning process of your business
  • To teach you how to make money online and become a millionaire

Work With Us; Consider Our Business Advice And Success Will Be Yours.

  Who is behind is a member of a network of exceptional business blogs owned and operated by the BareFoot Brand. Two different teams (Red Team and Blue Team) are responsible for the smooth daily operations of to make sure it stays in line with our mission.

Red Team comprises of successful entrepreneurs, investors and Professional Advisors. Each member of the Red Team has been tested and proven in their chosen industry and profession. The job of the Red Team team is strictly to deliver quality content and share their business expertise across our blog network.

Blue Team run the daily affairs of the blog network. The job of the Blue Team is to process the information shared by the Red Team and publish it in different formats across the blog network. They also ensure the smooth operation of the blog network. Blue Team comprises our full time employees, specialists, and our outsourced team.

 Meet the Team Leader

ajaero tony martinsAjaero Tony Martins is a Successful Entrepreneur and Investor with many successful companies in his portfolio. He is the founder and CEO of He Oversees the Red and Blue Team; and provides strategic direction for the entire blog network.

P.S: For privacy sake, we will not reveal the identity of our team members except when necessary. Thanks for understanding, we hope you grow in intelligence as you spend time on this blog.


Individuals Don’t Win In Business, Teams Do.” – Sam Walton

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