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6 Online Small Business Branding Strategies That Work

The reign of TV, radio, and newspapers as small business branding platforms is over. Make no mistake about it, they are still very effective but they no longer rule the marketing and promotion industry. There is a new kid in town and that is the internet. During the last decade, internet marketing has grown exponentially. It’s no surprise therefore to see businesses of all sizes gravitating towards the internet when it comes to business branding and marketing. Taking your business online is no longer an option; it is now a necessity and a requirement. Marketing yourself online provides you with a lot of opportunities that you will never find offline.

Below is a short list of the most effective small business branding techniques today. If you really want to build your brand, it’s highly recommended that you make use of most, if not all of the following branding strategies.

         6 Online Small Business Branding Strategies That Work

1.            Social media marketing

Social media is the best thing that ever happened to small business branding online. You may have noticed the companies, both big and small, who created pages on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. What these companies are doing is social media marketing. If you have a business, you should do the same. Simply create profiles for your business in the appropriate social networking sites. After that, you can start connecting with both established and potential customers of yours. The key to success in social marketing is participation. You need to be in there, participating on a regular basis.

2.            Search engine marketing

Search engines are the biggest entities online so it’s about right that you use them for business branding purposes. The great thing about search engines is that they drive highly targeted customers. Therefore, it’s best that you focus majority of your traffic-building strategies on driving search engine traffic which is also often referred to as organic traffic.

3.            Blogging

Never ever underestimate the power of blogging as a small business branding method. Search engines love blogs because of their always updated content. This fact alone should convince you to start a blog for your business.

4.            Pay per click advertising

Sometimes in order to build a brand online, you need to invest some money into it and one of such good investments is marketing your business through a pay per click system. This is a system where you pay for every lead sent to your blog/website.

5.            Article marketing

Although this is commonly used as a traffic-building strategy, it’s also quite effective in building brands online.

6.            Contests

People love contests. There is a reason why everywhere you go online, there are contests being sponsored by businesses. So why not put up your own contests and watch your brand strength increase.

One thing you should know about business branding is that it takes time. There is no magic pill or overnight solution to it. It could take months and years before you see your brand take off. With that said, patience is a virtue you must have if you are planning on building your brand. You must have what it takes to go out there every single day to do the marketing and branding stuff. The process can come to a point where you seem to be repeating yourself everyday. If you don’t have any patience, you will likely burn yourself out. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.