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How to Make, Design, Print Your Own Business Cards Online for Free

A business card is a great tool for marketing and branding; and a lot of businesses spend thousands of dollars yearly, just to design and print their business cards. But if you know how to make your own business cards for free, then you would be able to get your own business marketing plan up and running; without having to spend a single cent. Are you ready to learn how to design and print your own business cards online for free? Then read on.

                3 Tools You Need to Make your Own Business Cards Online For Free

A computer, a dependable Internet connection, and a printer are all you need to be able to produce business cards that you may give away to potential customers.

                How to Make, Design, Print Your Own Business Cards Online for Free

There are a lot of websites and free business card design software that can help you create and design your business cards online but it’s up to you to search out these websites on Google. They will provide you with many templates to choose from, so that you can easily make your own cards. This set of templates usually consists of a variety of patterns, containing the necessary information about businesses. These websites will simple require you to type in your name and position, the company name, the company address, and the person’s contact number and e-mail address. Voila; your business cards will be just as ready to go.

You may also add details like your company’s website address and slogan, if you like. After that, you would then be asked to choose images or patterns that would best represent your business brand; or the products or services you are offering to your clients. You are also free to upload the logo of your company so that it would be recognized by the people in the community. However, you must ensure that the size of the image you upload is large enough, so that it won’t be diminished when reduced.

The standard size for business cards is 3.5 inches x 2 inches; so it’s advisable you ensure that the online business card generator you are using follows this size. Once you have finished entering all the necessary details and selecting the best template for your business card, you are now ready to print as many cards as you want.

Knowing how to make your own business cards for free is not enough, you also need to create them in such a way that they would appeal to your target audience. It’s well known that paper quality gets the attention of people; so you must ensure that your business information is printed on paper that is of good quality and won’t easily be torn apart. Try to get hold of varieties of paper that are quite thick and smooth, so that the printed information would be readable.

The business slogan is also very important. Try to think of several taglines that best describe your company’s vision and mission and choose the one that you think would highly prompt people to avail of your services and products. Do not use high-sounding words and euphemisms. You just have to make the slogan short and simple, yet something that would definitely leave a mark on people’s minds.

Now that you know how to make your own business cards for free, you can be sure that your business would reach your target customers and make you reap profits without having to spend a lot of cash at first. With these tips, you would no longer need to avail of the services of business card designers or business card-making companies, as you can now make them by yourself. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.