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Top 10 Best Small Home Office Furniture Design and Decorating Ideas

According to statistics, over 50% of new startup businesses are started from home and most will also run from home. Also, most CEOs and executives maintain a small home office; aside their main corporate office. Now the question on the lips of most startup entrepreneurs is this:

                “How do I design and decorate my home office for increased productivity; without breaking the bank?

Well, I am going to answer this question by sharing with you, the best home office design ideas and cheap decorating ideas.

The function of a home office space often determines the home office design and the layout of the room. Therefore, before getting started with process of lay-outing, it is important that you determine first what the space is for. Besides your home office being a work space, you must take into consideration the storage function and whether it may be used for meetings as well. Doing so will not only cut down the time you will need in building it but will also set your budget for the entire room. The top 10 best home office design and furniture ideas listed below will help you in achieving your dream office.

Since millions of Americans work not only from the office but from home as well, paying attention to the design of your office is a smart move in terms of your career’s progress. This creates a comfortable environment where you can work so that you can be able to increase your productivity and bring it more profit to your company. Whether you are an employee or you own a small business, your personal office space will become your silent partner. So without wasting your time, below are consideration used by the top 10 best home office design ideas that can serve as your inspiration in building your own:

                Top 10 Best Small Home Office Furniture Design and Decorating Ideas

  • Determine what you intend to use the room for

Will it be for office use alone or will it have secondary purposes like meeting rooms and library? This will help you a lot in determining the space you will need; and help you choose the best location for the storage and cabinets. If it will function as a meeting room at the same time, you will need a bigger space that will allow more individuals in the room and a table and chairs set that will accommodate your people.

  • Determine the tasks that you will be doing in the office

If you will primarily use the computer, you might need a smaller table to hold your computer in place and a small space for your paper works. If you are an architect or an engineer, you might need an extra table or a drafting table for your plans. What this means in essence is that the kind of tasks you intend to execute daily will determine the home office design ideas to implement.

  • Determine how many people will be using the office

If you are working on your own, a smaller space may be enough compared to sharing the space with your partner. If your space is limited, you might have the need to properly layout the furniture so that you can both work comfortably.

  • Now before you begin, you also need to determine what your needs are so that you can be sure you have all the essentials in your office.

This also allows you to layout the design properly in such a way that everything is accessible and placed where they need to be. Computers are one of the essential elements in any office nowadays. However, it is not enough that you simply allot space for your computers. You must first know how many computers are needed in your home office especially if you are working with a partner. Also, you need to determine whether you will be using a laptop or a desktop because desktops often occupy larger spaces; although modern desktop designs may be placed in tables with narrow widths.

                Top 10 Best Small Home Office Furniture Design and Decorating Ideas

  • The administrative storage is one of the key elements in an office space. If you are working at home, you will need to have a storage area where you can keep your files in place. This ensures that you will not overlook any important document, mail and bills.
  • If you are holding meetings in your office, designate a location for it. If possible, you can put room dividers that will allow you to hold meetings while your partner is busy with his own task. This way, you will not be sacrificing your time so that the other can work.
  • Designate a project station where you can work on your other activities. This works well if you are a painter, a seamstress, or any profession related to handy works.
  • Pick the best location in your house and make sure that your office is far away from traffic and from noisy areas like the family or entertainment room.
  • Develop your home office design plan

This includes everything from the dimensions, themes, layout and equipment that you will be incorporating in your design. Make sure that your office has enough space for all the activities that you will be holding in that area. Choose a color that you are comfortable working with. Avoid those that are hurtful to the eyes like bright colors. Choose the computer, the table and the chair that you are comfortable with.

  • After working on the interior design and decorations, you must install adequate lighting that will allow you to work during the evenings.

As a final note, the above are important guidelines that can help you fashion out the best home office design ideas. Once you implement these tips, you can be rest assured of creating a workplace that will inspire you and guarantee maximum productivity. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.