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Top 10 Best iPad Business Apps for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur and the owner of an iPad, then you can turn your mobile device into an important tool that will help you to stay organized and ultimately acquire the success you want and need. Being an entrepreneur is not all about taking risks but also about staying focused and keeping your head in the game, so that your business or whatever it is that you are doing can truly take off and turn into a profitable business venture. While you may currently be using your iPad for pleasure, you may never have known that the iPad and the various Apps available on the device can be used as a gadget for your business. Below are the best iPad business Apps for entrepreneurs that you may also find to be useful for your daily tasks.

                Top 10 Best iPad Business Apps for Entrepreneurs

This social networking website is a must have for all entrepreneurs and business owners, especially since it is a free method of marketing and a way for businesses to stay connected with customers. The Twitter App for the iPad comes equipped with assorted features that will allow you to keep track of tweets and anything that is being said about your business. You will be able to check messages and use the search box to find what you are looking for. Most importantly, you can use the hashtag on Twitter to help your business become one of the trending topics. The Twitter App for iPad is completely free.

As an entrepreneur, you probably rely on DropBox already on your home or office computer. If you don’t, you can easily set up an account in a matter of minutes and then install the software on your computer as well as your iPad. By doing this, you will be able to transfer important documents back and forth from your iPad to your computer, regardless of what the document may be. You will be able to send over various files so having this iPad app for entrepreneurs would come in handy. This app is also free.

Yet another free app, this app for the iPad can be very important, especially since most entrepreneurs have blogs. When using a blog to gain more awareness for your business or services, WordPress enables you to keep everything updated in absolutely no time. The app is quite simple and is not equipped with tons of features, but an experienced blogger won’t need all of the extra features. If you have a blog set up for your business, make sure to install this excellent iPad app for entrepreneurs.

This particular app is perfect if you find yourself taking notes more often than not. As an entrepreneur, you may take notes on just about any and everything and because of that, it is important that you have a place to keep all of these notes organized and together. Evernote does just that, keeping your notes organized and telling you when the notes were created so that you can keep track. This app is completely free for iPad users.

If you are often on the go, traveling to and from your home office, you may need access to your media library, which is originally located on your home computer. This could cause an issue but with ZumoCast it is not something you have to worry about. This app allows you to gain access to the media library from your computer onto your iPad.

                Top 10 Best iPad Business Apps for Entrepreneurs

This iPad business app for entrepreneurs is great when you are just starting up your entrepreneurial venture. At only $9.99, it’s a cost worth paying for the organization and advice it brings to the table. The app provides a checklist of tasks you need to completely make your business official.

No matter your location, you can still conduct meetings with this handy app. By storing data in the cloud, you can have access to videos or presentation files no matter where you are. Travel the world without worrying about missing important opportunities for sales meetings if you download this app.

If you find yourself traveling in your car for the majority of your entrepreneurial tasks, you should already know to keep track of mileage for a tax write-off at the end of the year. The best way to keep track is with the VehiCal app. Not only does it track mileage but also other road expenses such as repairs and parking costs. You can also keep track of your fuel consumption by entering information such as mileage, gas prices, etc.

If your entrepreneurial ventures find you out and about when selling your product or conducting services, this iPad business app is perfect for you. The Square Card Reader allows you to accept credit cards via your iPad at only 2.75%. Now you no longer need to wait to receive payment until invoicing. Instead, complete your service and receive payment right away. Take your products to events and eliminate common customer’s excuses such as “I don’t have cash or checks on me.

Keeping track of your Google Analytics is now easier than ever through this iPad app for entrepreneurs. Now you can take your reports with you to meetings much more easily. Or simply keep track of your analytics while on the go. Either way, the reports are easy to see, and Analytics HD boasts as the only iPad analytics app with segmentation.

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