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Top 6 Best Free Small Business Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

As things stand now, the world is going app crazy and apps are revolutionizing everything we do; including how we do business. There’s a growing market for small business apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. There are also business cards apps, business plan apps and any other business tasks you can think off may even have an app.

Now while recent trends indicate that many of us are opting to use cloud-based and mobile software, businesses rely on software that can reside on a variety of platforms. The following is a list of the top 6 best small business apps for mobile devices and standard on-premise software installs. What they all have in common is that these apps were designed to enhance your business and your boost your chances of business’ success. The resulting list is comprehensive of the varied applications that are critical for business and that have solutions tailored for small businesses.

Top 6 Best Free Small Business Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

  • Dropbox

If you use the Dropbox cloud-storage service, you must get its companion app. Available for Android and iOS, Dropbox lets you tap the cloud anywhere you go, providing fast and easy access to everything you’ve ever shared or stored. In fact, you can stream videos you don’t have room to store on your device. The app works both ways, too. You can upload snapshots and videos from your device to your Dropbox folders. It works with both free and pro-level accounts.

  • Evernote

Not to gush, but Evernote is like a personal assistant for your pocket. With it, you can save receipts for later reconciling, capture a whiteboard diagram for future reference, record a voice note to share with your team and take notes. Everything you capture with Evernote gets synced to the Web, your PC, and any other mobile device you have. The apps are free of charge, as is the service itself.

  • MapQuest

The stock Google Maps app is pretty good at giving you directions from point A to point B, but the MapQuest app raises the ante with voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions, much like you’d get from a bonafide GPS. It also offers automatic re-routing, local-business search and even live traffic updates. Before you spend $30 or more on a GPS app, take this freebie for a test-drive.

Top 6 Best Free Small Business Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

  • TeamViewer

Need remote access to your PC? Look no further than TeamViewer. With it you gain total control over your PC. It’s great for, say, grabbing a PowerPoint presentation from a thousand miles away, shutting down the PC you left running at the office, or just running a program you can’t normally run on a phone. TeamViewer can also save the day by letting you remotely troubleshoot an employee’s PC, assuming you’re the IT guy of the organization. It’s hard to believe this app is free.

  • Zoho

Zoho has one of the most well-rounded offerings of web-based tools for the entrepreneur or business person and this includes an Office Suite, Productivity Tools, Polls, and website monitoring. One of the most useful applications however, is Zoho Challenge, which lets you test and evaluate job candidates using a combination of multiple choice and descriptive questions. Candidates can then be emailed results for one or more tests.

Perhaps the best feature is Zoho writer, a superb web-based replacement for Microsoft Word. Zoho writer’s only limitation is its own popularity, which has been known to cause slow server response times. By using a web-based writing program, your employees and clients will be able to access their work at any time without the need for email attachments.

  • YouTube

Don’t underestimate the value of YouTube to a business, especially because of its pseudo-social network and category tagging. Real estate agents use YouTube to post video walkthroughs of properties they’ve listed on their website.

Other web2.0 applications in alpha and beta stage post screencasts of their “secret” software to create some buzz. The innovative entrepreneur will come up with some ways to utilize YouTube or similar sites to promote their business.

In conclusion, being an entrepreneur has always been a high risk/high reward venture. Therefore, I believe this article has introduced you to the best small business applications, all of which are designed to help you organize, control, and promote your company; so that by working smarter, you can maximize the chances of your startup’s success.

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