How to Start a Business with No Money

Your Hand Guide to Starting your Own Successful Business


The Strategic Business Team is organizing a series of Small Business Seminars, Business Trainings and courses in collaboration with our outside business partners. We are making ourselves available at Business Events and Summits organized by outside corporate bodies; which fall within our scope and mission. We will also be organizing business opportunities Expos and Skills Acquisition trainings and programs designed to empower you intellectually. To make achieve this goal, we will be touring the Country and spreading our message from city to city. That’s why we created this page.

This page is the platform through which we intend to keep you informed about our upcoming events and seminars. This page is the platform where we will officially invite you to our organized events; so we will advice you bookmark this page.

    Our Goal for organizing these seminars and events is:

  • To expose business opportunities that most people don’t see or are ignorant about
  • To empower entrepreneurs with the needed business skills to succeed in business
  • To bring entrepreneurship and small business development to your doorstep
  • To expose entrepreneurs to the business opportunities and leverage that abounds on the internet
  • To practically show entrepreneurs how to write a business plan, develop business ideas and ultimately how to start a business
  • To inspire creativity and encourage entrepreneurship development
  • To empower students, artisans, small scale entrepreneurs and employees with the right knowledge on the intricacies of building a successful business
  • To raise an army of creative thinkers and problem solvers

The Scope of Our Small Business Seminars

Our small business seminars trainings and events will revolve around our scope and core competence. Our small business seminars will be focused around the topics below:

  • How to Start a Business from Scratch
  • How to take advantage of business opportunities
  • How to develop a business idea and take it to the marketplace
  • How to start an internet business and make money online
  • How to raise capital without stress
  • How to build a business team that wins
  • How to leverage the internet to grow your existing business
  • How to structure your business and make it operate without you
  • How to promote your business and overcome competition on a limited budget

So keep in touch with us; we will be coming to your city soon.

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