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Carlos Slim Helu Quotes and Advice for Running a Business

Today, I will be sharing with you some advice and quotes for running a business from Carlos Slim Helu; one of the richest men in the world. Without wasting your time, below are Carlos Slim Helu’s quotes and advice for running a business.

                Carlos Slim Helu Quotes and Advice for Running a Business


1.            I think when you are involved in a business first of all; you need to know the business. After you know the business, you can let the numbers tell you what is happening.

2.            Building a business and becoming a billionaire is it’s not championship. It’s the competence; the competence in your sector with other companies not looking to have some kind of records in this issue.

3.            I really don’t care about my ration. What they do is know how much share of the companies that we have investments and we are managing, and has the market price. The market price changes everyday, every time with a lot of volatility and you cannot make balance sheets of what is happening.

4.            Some people are very good with letters and others have a good grasp of numbers. You can manage numbers in different ways; you read the numbers and you understand what is happening in the companies.

5.            I think that anything that has privileges has responsibility. All this is responsibility and compromise.

6.            Money is not a goal. The goal is to make companies grow, develop, be competitive, be in different areas, be efficient to have a great human team inside the company.

7.            I think the wealth should be reinvested to create more wealth. The fruit of wealth is income and it is important to develop the distribution of income.

8.            Compromise and responsibility are not only for me and my family, but also the management team to have the responsibility to know the importance of what we are doing and that at the end of temporarily managing this; we don’t take anything when we pass away.

9.            In ’82, there was a big crisis in Mexico and that meant that nobody was investing. And we invested in paper; we invested in tires for cars, we invested in auto parts and aluminum and copper combustion. Actually we were focusing.

10.          When we do profitable business, we don’t get crazy; putting expenses all around or making fancy things. Then, we didn’t have corporate offices until now.

11.          I am convinced that all this poverty in Mexico and in Latin America, like it’s happening in China is the opportunity to grow. It’s an opportunity for investment; it’s an economic activity and to take out poverty is the best investment any person or a person can do in any place. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.