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How to Choose an Online Small Business Bookkeeping Services

I recently wrote an article titled ” the importance of bookkeeping accounting for small businesses” and since bookkeeping is also part of record and information keeping, I decided to follow it up with this article. Just like stated earlier in my past articles, bookkeeping is just a minute part of accounting or financial management in general and I have always stressed in past articles that if you desire to grow from a small business owner to a big business owner, you have to take bookkeeping very serious. This article is an answer to the question “how do I choose or find a good online bookkeeping service for my small business.

    How to Choose an Online Small Business Bookkeeping Services

Getting a bookkeeping service provider is very easy but finding a qualified bookkeeping services provider that will provide services tailored to your business needs and also add value to your business is quite hard. So In this article, I am going to share with you some checklist that will help you choose a good online bookkeeping service provider. If you are ready to learn, then below are three basic facts you must check before choosing a bookkeeping service provider.

                How to Choose an Online Small Business Bookkeeping Services

1.            The fundamental thing you should be looking out for in an online bookkeeping company is their level of professionalism

Though I am not talking about college degrees here and I know that may be quite expensive for you especially if your business is in its startup phase, I want to stress keyword “experience.” Before you choose a bookkeeping service provider, you need to answer the following questions.

How long has your bookkeeping service provider been in the game?

How large is their customer’s base?

How many businesses in your area use their bookkeeping service?

Can you proudly refer their bookkeeping services to your friends and business associates?

What are their qualifications?

What are other business owners saying about their bookkeeping services?

Have they received any award or recognition for their outstanding services?

All these questions boil down to experience. Experience matters a lot in bookkeeping, so your service provider should have it. The bookkeeping service provider must be experienced and thorough with his job. If not, it might cost you pain in the long run.

2.            The next thing to look out for is their technological level of service

Technology is on the increase and as business experts say; “in times of stiff competition, the business with the fastest and most efficient customer service delivery wins.” So it’s good you know the technological level of your bookkeeping service provider. You can begin by asking these questions.

Is your bookkeeping service provider technologically driven?

Are they efficient?

Can they deliver their bookkeeping services accurately and in less time?

Are they moving with the technological trend or not?

Is your bookkeeping service provider going to be obsolete in the future or not?

These are some of the important questions you must answer before pledging your loyalty and committing your business in the hands of a bookkeeping service provider. Though some bookkeeping firms still believe on manual bookkeeping, I will emphasize you go for a bookkeeping company that uses technology or software designed to carry out their bookkeeping services. In the world of accounting, speed and accuracy is the watch word so make the use of technology a stand point when choosing a bookkeeping service provider; it is going to save you time and money.

3.   You must check their online bookkeeping support services

This is very important because you might need them urgently or if you are experiencing one or two confusions with your records; you are going to yell out to them. So the question now on your lips should be:

How fast they can attend to you and deliver their services?

Are they customer friendly?

Can they go all out to educate you on some numbers you don’t understand?

How fast can they correct their errors?

How committed are they to your business success?

Do they just focus on keeping your books or they often render advice on how you can keep your budget tight.

Do they have a dedicated customer care hotline?

All these are questions you must answer before handing your books to any bookkeeping service providing company.

In conclusion, I want to advice you also heed to these three checklists provided above. Bookkeeping is an arm of financial accounting and you shouldn’t joke with it. A slight misinterpretation on the part of your bookkeeping service provider can result to some losses or misjudgment on your part. So keep your eyes and ears open when choosing a bookkeeping service provider, it will do you good in the long run. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.