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Blog Marketing Strategy: 8 Practical Ways to Promote your Blog and Increase Traffic

Today, I would like us to look at some blog marketing techniques and practical ways of promoting a blog. If you are landing here for the first time, please be aware that I seldom write on subjects pertaining to internet marketing except I have something new to add or want to discuss in-depth on the subject.

Since you are reading this article now, I want to assume you already have a blog for your business; if you don’t, it is better you get one now. The number of blogs in the blogosphere is rapidly on the increase and with this increase comes stiffer competition. So I will be using this medium to teach you practical ways to promote your blog and increase traffic. I know this subject have been covered deeply by other internet marketing experts but I will be adding my voice to the sphere with a different tact.

Do you have a blog marketing strategy? I don’t know what your answer might be but what I do know is that most bloggers run their blogs without an operational strategy. When I started this business blog, I had no in-depth experience on how to market a blog and I wasn’t willing to throw away some cash buying ads when I haven’t honed my skills. I have learned from experience offline that running ads is a waste of resources when you don’t know what you are doing.

                Luck is not a factor. Hope is not a strategy and failure is not an option.” – Anonymous

So instead of throwing around some bucks, I rolled up my sleeves, learned the ropes and did the dirty work of marketing this business blog you are reading now. I had an option to delegate the entire operations of my blog because I know I can foot the bill but I didn’t. I am an entrepreneur for Christ sake; I want to learn how things work and to do that, I have to be part of the process. That’s why I am part of the team working on this blog and I can say that the learning experience has been worthwhile. Everything I have achieved was a result of hard work; luck has nothing to do with it.

                Just like gardening, building something beautiful takes much toil and patience. You cannot rush gardening. You must plant well, understand what you are doing and pull all the weeds up by their root. Unfortunately, many people want to quickly identify problems in their life and then cut them up quickly. The problem is that like a weed, they never dig up the root; so later, the same problem comes up. In life and in money, you must understand the root of your problems.” – Rich Dad

The experience I have gained over time is what I intend sharing with you now using this blog as case study. If you are a regular reader on this blog, you come to acknowledge that I love building businesses from scratch because that’s where the greatest profits and leverage lies. Building a business from scratch is a great learning process and I cannot trade that experience for anything else. I practically built this blog from scratch, with no pre-launch marketing campaign and no marketing budget. So what you are about to learn now is a first hand experience of how I built and promoted this blog on bootstrap.

Without wasting much of your time, below are eight blog marketing strategies you can apply to promote your blog and increase traffic. Please I don’t expect you to apply all the strategies at once; I expect to pick one blog marketing strategy and focus on it until you have mastered it and produced results with it. Pareto’s principle of 80/20states that 80 percent of results will be generated by 20 percent of your effort; so I expect you to use this article as a guideline to find the blog marketing strategy that works well in your niche. If you are new to blogging, then you will find this article very practical. So let’s get the ball rolling

                Blog Marketing Strategy: 8 Practical Ways to Promote your Blog and Increase Traffic

I initially wrote this article to be published as a single post but after editing and proofreading, I found out that I had written a very lengthy article (over 9,000 words). So instead of boring you with a 9,000 word article, I decided to split it into series and publish it over time. Please I will suggest you bookmark this article because this is where I will be listing my blog marketing strategies and experiments.

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