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How I used Article Marketing as a Strategy to Increase traffic to my blog

In this article, I will be explaining in detail how I used article marketing to promote and increase traffic to my blog. There are many published articles out there that shares tips on how to promote your blog and increase traffic but I don’t want this article to be another trash in the pack.

This article is not about how to use article marketing to promote your blog and increase traffic. This article is all about how I used article marketing as a strategy to kick start and increase traffic to my blog and how you too can. What’s the difference? The big difference is that this article is based on personal experience; this article is all about what works and what doesn’t with respect to article marketing.

I will be as down to earth as possible with the aim of showing you how to use article marketing to increase your blog traffic. This article is going to explain in detail everything you need to know with respect to article marketing so it will definitely be lengthy. To make it easier to for you, I will suggest you bookmark or print it.

As a side note, please feel free to share this article with your friends on Digg, Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon. You will be doing a lot of good by sharing this article. Having said this; let’s get down to business.

                How I used Article Marketing to Kick start and Increase traffic to my blog


When was in the planning phase, I made up my mind not to spend a dime on buying ads until I knew what I was doing. My business team advocated we invest in advertising to gain accelerated growth but I insisted we grow fundamentally from the root. I insisted the blog be run on bootstrap financing until it starts generating enough cash flow to pay its bills.

                “Patience; it’s the most important attribute to creating wealth, it’s the greatest business asset. Wait for the right time to make your moves. Let your business grow naturally, not by pressing your luck.” – J. Paul Getty

So when this business blog was finally launched this blog on Oct 7th 2009, we had no adverting budget; all we had was a well laid out marketing plan to be carried out on zero budget. Call it blogging on steroids and you won’t be wrong. When we hit the World Wide Web with this business blog, we had less than 10 articles published on it with zero visitors.

The first step I took towards marketing this blog was to submit all the articles initially published on my blog to some selected article directory.  Article marketing is a very powerful blog marketing strategy that can yield instant result. The trick here is to submit quality content to these article submission sites and once the articles get approved, you will start getting some trickles of traffic.

Most webmasters and blog marketing experts often advocate the importance of writing quality content and submitting the content to as many articles directory websites as possible. Well, they definitely have a point there but I would just tell you how I went about mine.

With utmost sincerity, the initial 10 articles written and published on this blog weren’t the best of content; and it was these same articles I submitted to the article directories. I told you earlier that I was practically blogging on steroids; I had other business engagements offline and it was my plan to grow this blog part time.

So writing the best of content back then was definitely out of the way because I had less time to write. But instead of waiting for all lights to go green; instead of waiting for the right time to write the very best of content, I kick started with what I had. I believe that singular act makes me an entrepreneur.

                You’ve got to stick it out. You’ve just got to.” – Steve Case

                Most people are waiting for the perfect time to start a business; they are waiting for all stars to line up and all lights to go green. Unfortunately, that perfect time will never come. To be an entrepreneur, you must start with what you have on ground and pick up the rest along the way.” – Robert Kiyosaki

I am not recommending you tow the same path with me; I did what I had to do because I had less time. Please it’s advisable you take your time to produce quality content because the web is full of great content. To find an audience and increase your blog traffic, you have to write exceptional content. I will discuss more on this later on.

                How I used Article Marketing to Kick start and Increase traffic to my blog


Before I launched this blog, I aggressively surf the web in search of information with respect to building a blog. I voraciously read every piece of information I came across; I stored a few relevant information and discarded the rest. This is the reason why I advocate you write an article worth reading and sharing; so that your article won’t get trashed. I read voraciously because I have had several business failures; I failed several times in my venture to build an online business.

                "To succeed in business, to reach the top, an individual must know all that is possible to know about that business." – J. Paul Getty

It was in the process of seeking information that I stumbled upon the blogs of some successful bloggers. I mean bloggers such as John Chow, Darren Rowse, Tim Ferriss, Steve Pavlina, Brian Clark and Leo Babauta. These men forged my path to building an online business; they were the sign posts on my entrepreneurial journey to building a successful business online. I really owe my online success to these men. Having deviated a little, let go back to the business of the day.

I have always been an advocate of the doing more with less principle. I think I picked up the “more with less” bug from Leo Babauta of ZenHabits. Robert Kiyosaki prefers to call it the “power of leverage.”

                "People without leverage work for those with leverage." – Rich Dad

                "Leverage is the reason some people become rich and others do not become rich." – Rich Dad

When I commenced blogging, I had less time but wanted to do more and I think I stuck it through. Just like I said earlier, most internet blog marketing expert advice their protégés to submit content to hundreds of websites to achieve maximum result with article marketing but I think otherwise.

                Study conventional wisdom; then shun it.” – The Mafia Manager

To succeed in any field of life, you must adhere to the laws of success and the laid down principles of successful individuals. So instead of hitting hundreds of article directory sites with the aid of automatic article submission software; I decided to heed to Pareto’s principle of 80/20.

                N.B:   “There are a lot of black hat article marketing tactics out there but I don’t think it’s the way to go if your utmost priority is to build an online business that will stand the test of time. I have read success stories of those that made it with black hat article marketing tools such as Article spinner, automated article submission software and the rest. While I am not condemning the black hat marketers; I believe it’s not the way to go for me. However, if you feel like giving the black hat marketing technique a trial, then feel free to visit BlackHatWorld, it’s the number one black hat forum on the web.

With respect to article marketing, Pareto’s principle states that 80 percent of traffic will generated by 20 percent of article directory sites and of the total articles you published in these 20 percent article directory sites; 80 percent of the traffic will be produced by 20 percent of your articles. Quite complicated you might say but it’s the truth.

                Defy convention where it’s appropriate. Only a few people dare to step outside; and people take notice of that.” – Johnny B. Truant

So instead of going through the stress of submitting your articles to over 100 article directory sites, why don’t you stick the top twenty percent top traffic generators. When I started applying the article marketing strategy, I submitted articles to a lot of sites but in the long run, I had to prune down the sites I submitted to and concentrated my efforts.

                "Concentrate your energy, your thoughts and your capital.” – Andrew Carnegie

So if you are going to achieve maximum result with article marketing, then you have to shun conventional wisdom and concentrate your efforts. Below are the websites I submit my articles to.

a)      EzineArticles: My articles received a lot of views on Ezinearticles but the clickthrough rate or traffic generated to my blog was poor compared to the article views.

b)      Articlesbase: My articles also received a lot of views on articlesbase but could not match ezinearticles in terms of view performance. However, articlesbase generated more traffic to my blog than ezinearticles.

Other article submission websites I occasionally drop articles on are IdeaMarketers, GoArticles and SearchWarp but none of these can be compared with the two listed above. So having shared with you how I kick started my blog traffic flow with article marketing, I believe you are highly motivated to jump in and do the same.

However, I want to drop a word of caution with respect to marketing your blog using article marketing. Never spam the article submission websites with worthless content; In fact, spamming the article directory with worthless content is the fastest way to ruin your online reputation. Make sure that every single article is worth your effort.

Now how do you make sure your article hits the bull’s eye and yield the expected result? What tricks and tips did I use to increase my view performance rate? How did I achieve maximum result with article marketing? How did I increase the clickthrough rate of my articles? These may be the questions on your mind. Well, the following tips will provide the needed answers.

                How I used Article Marketing to Kick start and Increase traffic to my blog


                Seven tips to increasing your articles view performance, clickthrough rate and blog traffic

1.            Write a Hard Hitting Headline for your article

With respect to article marketing, your headline is probably the most important factor that can make or break your article marketing campaign. Your reader’s attention is either gained or lost in the headline section of the entire article. Without a captivating headline, how will your potential visitors read your entire article?

Your article’s success lies in the headline. If you really want to know important a headline is; grab a daily newspaper and observe how they captivate readers with the headline. In retrospect, I think you are reading this article now because my headline captivated you and you clicked on it to see what I have to say.

Writing captivating headlines is a skill that can be learned; only if you are willing to. You can head over to Copyblogger and FourHourWorkWeek to get free expert advice that will help you improve your headline writing skill rapidly or better still, you can take a copywriting course.


2.            Make sure your headline contains your most important keyword

I don’t think I need to blow much smoke on this because the point is clear. Never write an article on assumption. Your article must address a problem or issue and that issue should be your keyword; your pointer or tracker that will help potential visitors find your article or blog.

                How I used Article Marketing to Kick start and Increase traffic to my blog

Take a look at the headline above and you will see how I strategically incorporated two significant keywords into it; “article marketing” and “increase traffic.” Without these two keywords in the headline; my entire article will be worthless.

Now how do you find ideas for articles related to your niche? How do you come up with the best keywords? I will suggest you do a little keyword research and Google keyword tool is probably is the best place to start. It’s the tool I used and still use to carry out my keyword research; I don’t use a paid tool.


3.            Be personal; don’t talk or refer to the crowd

One thing about me is that I don’t preach what I don’t do. Whenever I write an article, I write as if I am talking to someone close. Take a look at this article; I wrote this article for you and you alone, not them. I am not shouting out to the crowd, I am talking quietly to you. The same goes for my referrals; I don’t refer you to the crowd. I refer you to personalities; personalities such as Tim Ferriss and Steve Pavlina.

So I expect you to do the same when writing an article. Write as if you are writing to a friend; write as if you are having a one on one conversation with your reader. Connect to readers one on one.

                People either identify and connect with your story or they don’t. Have a story that’s worth telling.” – Michael Margolis


4.            Be specific; eliminate irrelevant points from your article

When writing an article with the aim of using it in an article marketing campaign; you must be specific and straight to the point. If you are writing about “parental care,” stick with parental care and don’t deviate unless your deviation has significance. Try as much as possible to eliminate the irrelevant points from the article but don’t drain the juice.

                Get very good at filtering and aggregating content. Deliver it to people at the right time, the right size and the right amount.” – John Jantsch


5.            Your content must flow logically

Don’t start your article from the end except you know how to do it creatively. Your article must flow logically that even a novice will be able to comprehend your message without much ado. Your article must flow from the headline and introduction to the body and conclusion in an easy to understand format.

I emphasize the need to make your content flow logically because there are some readers online who are always on the fast lane. I call this group the “super surfers.” They hardly stay on a website for more than a minute; they are always in haste. Their patience is measured in milliseconds. Once your blog take a little longer than normal to load; these super surfers are gone.

It’s advisable you write your article bearing these super surfers in mind. Your headline must be good enough to attract the attention of the super surfers. And even if the super surfers get attracted to your headline and click on it; there’s still a problem. Super surfers don’t read articles; they scan.

So when employing the article marketing strategy in promoting your blog; make sure your content flows logically. Make sure key points are bulleted; this will help make the article easier to scan.


6.            Your content must be emotional

                It’s not about being digital; it’s about people. It’s about passion conversations; not product conversations.” – Robbin Phillips

Do you know why John Chow hits digg first page on a regular basis? The reason is because he writes emotional content; same goes with Brian Clark, Steve Pavlina and Tim Ferriss. These successful bloggers write content that pierces you emotionally; they don’t speak to your ears, they speak to your heart. You should aim to achieve the same with your written content.

                Learn to be a storyteller. Narrative – it’s what makes us human. Big media does it great; you have to as well.” – Brian Clark


7.            Make every word in your resource box count

You may write a powerful article that attracts tons of visitors and connects with them emotionally but if your resource box is not well crafted, those tons of visitors will only end up as viewers; they will never visit your blog. I think I will share my own personal experience with article marketing resource boxes.

I have been tweaking my article marketing resource boxes to find out which one performs best but I think a lot of factors affect your article clickthrough rate and one of such factors is the resource box positioning and visibility. If ads are displayed before your resource or your resource box is displayed in an obscure position, it will affect your clickthrough rate negatively.

I have written a resource box in this format (please note that these examples are only illustrations and should not in any way be linked with the author of this article).

If you find this article informative and you want more in depth information on how to build your own successful business from scratch; please visit the Strategic Business Blog.

I think this article resource bio worked for sometime until I made an observation that readers wanted to know the personality behind the article so I rewrote my resource bio to look like this:

                Ajaero Tony Martins is an entrepreneur, investor and prolific blogger. If you find this article informative and you want to learn more, feel free to visit his business blog to pick his brains for free.

Now I can’t tell you which resource bio style will work best for you because different resource bio work differently in different niches so that’s left for you to find out. But with respect to my own experience, the second resource bio outperformed the first one.

So these are my exact step by step tactics to promoting and increasing traffic to my blog using the article marketing strategy.  As a final advice, I want to state clearly that it is better to write submit a single well crafted, resourceful or valuable article than submitting hundreds of worthless, irrelevant articles. Enough said. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.