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Where to Buy Gold Bars

Where is the best place to buy gold? Are you an investing beginner? Do you want to learn how to start investing in gold? Do you want to know where to buy gold bars, gold bullion and gold coins? Then read on.

Gold will endure the test of time because it is a good investment product and a hedge against inflation. As a form of investment, it also adds stability and can diversity to your portfolio. While gold investments have not experienced thrilling price hikes over the years and don’t pay dividends, it remains very liquid and will definitely retain its value for years to come. So if you are not investing in gold, you better start today. Without wasting your time, below is a detailed guide on how to buy gold coins online and where to buy gold bullion bars.

  Where to Buy Gold Bullion Bars and Gold Coins Online

How to start investing in gold

Investing in gold can take two forms; which are investing on gold markets (through stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), etc.) or buying tangible gold in the form of gold bullion bars or coins.

If buying gold is your preferred investment, then there are considerations that must be taken into account which entails additional costs. One consideration would be a secure storage where the gold will be stored. This can either be on a home safe or through a bank vault. Another is the insurance. Gold is a precious substance, and hence, it shouldn’t be left unprotected.

Both gold bars and coins are almost pure gold bullion; gold shaped into a certain form. Investing in gold to sell it in the future will also need a thorough understanding of these two gold bullion. Technically, it is easier to find buyers for 1-ounce gold coins than a buyer for a 10-ounce bar.

  Where to Buy Gold Bullion Bars and Gold Coins Online

  • How to Buy Gold Coins Online

Gold coins come in wide range of sizes and weighs, this provides for more buying options. Because of this, gold coins are usually easier to resell than gold bars. If an easier selling transaction is desired in the future, it is better to consider buying gold coins.

The most popular bullion coins are the following: American Eagles and Buffaloes, South African Kruggerands, Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Pandas, and Australian Philharmonics. Each one has its own purity level and therefore differs in value. Basically, the purer the gold concentration of a bullion is, the more expensive it is. To retain the coin’s value, it is recommended to keep them in their original packaging; otherwise, it will sell for a lower price.

Where to Buy Gold Bullion Bars and Gold Coins Online

  • How to Buy Gold Bullion Bars

The size of gold bullion bars range from an ounce to a kilogram. In buying gold bars, it is important to make sure that it came from reputable manufacturers. There have been cases of fake bars where the center is made out of other metals. These bars must be avoided as much as possible. Some of the notable gold bar manufacturers are PAMP, The Perth Mint, Johnson Mathew Group, and Rand Refinery.

Gold bars are usually in the concentration of 999 to 995 parts per thousands. These numbers pertain to the actual amount of gold in the bar. A 999 parts per thousands corresponds to 24-karat gold.

   Where to Buy Gold Bullion Bars and Gold Coins Online

Buying gold bullion bars and gold coins can be done in local shops or through online selling sites. Both entail a research of those sellers who are reliable.

One of the most helpful online sites to inquire in when it comes to this is The World Gold Council. They provide a listing of reliable gold dealers around the world. Select a country and it will automatically give a list of dealers that can be found on that are. Both online retailers and local shops are provided.

Another is The Better Business Bureau. It can help provide a list of dealers with clean reputation. Note however, that each dealers offer a different price. It is up to the investors to choose the best dealer to deal with.

As a final note, over the past few years, banks have also been selling gold bars and gold coins to interested individuals. 24- Karat gold coins of as little as 25 grams and bars as little as 100 grams are among the choices investors can buy from banks. So with the information provided about where to buy gold bullion bars or coins, you can begin your investing career. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.