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5 Cool Cheap Office Gadgets You Need in your Small Business

Do you know that having some cool office gadgets within your workplace can boost your productivity and that of your employees? Do you want to know five cool cheap gadgets you can add to your business office that can speed up your performance and efficiency? Then read on.

Now I want to assume that you have an established business, and you are doing well, but if you critique your office from a professional point of view; it is kind of drab. Or maybe not. It might be a nice looking-space, but it lacks energy and it needs something more. Well here are some ideas of things that make any office more enjoyable to be in.

5 Cool Cheap Office Gadgets You Need in your Small Business

  • Community Boards

Community boards are a great way to get people interacting within your office. You can take this concept in a few different directions, so I’ve taken the time to list a few of your options.

  • Cork Boards

Cork Boards are great if you want to hang fliers and other paper information. It is easy to add and remove information and they are not difficult to maintain. If you want to spruce them up, cover the board with butcher paper and paper cutouts. You can theme the board for your business, the time of year, anything you want. Paper can still be put over the decorations, so you lose no space. You can buy cork boards at any office supply store, or look up craft sites on how to make your own. There are even some fun tutorials about using wine corks as bulletin boards.

  • White Boards

Dry Erase Boards are cool because not only is it easy to replace content, but most are magnetic as well. You can use these to write notes, post inspirational quotes, and share fliers and interesting handouts. If you have an artist on staff, they can draw designs to liven it up. White boards take less time to decorate than bulletin boards and make it easier to relay quick information. You can buy white boards at most office supply stores. You can also get white board paint and make your own board using wood, other found material, or even just a wall.

  • Chalkboards

If you like the idea of white boards but want something more old fashioned, chalkboards are the way to go. Bring back memories of playing with chalk and banging the erasers over people’s heads. These are a bit messier than white boards, as chalk dust accumulates. There is also chalkboard paint, and you can even buy chalk paint markers, which show up brighter than normal chalk and are still erasable.

  • Vending Machines

Everyone needs food, and vending machines often offer a welcome treat to break up the day. There are various styles and sizes of vending machines, so finding one to suit your office should not be difficult. This could also be an extra source of income for your business if you decide to invest in the machine instead of hiring an outside vendor. Placing a vending machine with unique items where both customers and employees can have access could provide supplemental cash flow. Be sure that if you do that however, you assign someone the task of regularly stocking and maintaining the machine. Having malfunctioning equipment or lack of product will just cause complaints and detract from the office atmosphere rather than add to it.

  • Reading Material

If customers and clients have to wait for service, be sure to provide books, magazines and puzzle books. Providing these materials in the staff break room is also advisable. Happy people leads to better business, so providing light entertainment is a great plan. Be sure to provide quality materials, and not just whatever boring trade magazines you can get for a discount. Content that is relevant to your business is great, but some fun is always appreciated as well.

  • Clocks

A simple and functional addition to an office, clocks may seem like a no-brainer, but in today’s technology-ridden office environment, they may get overlooked. When every computer, phone and microwave can tell the time, clocks seem a bit unnecessary and outdated. But in an office, clients don’t usually see the computer screens, and though it seems that everyone has a cell phone, that is not a safe assumption to make. So put a clock on the wall. You can tie it in with the décor and even make it a conversation piece if you get a really interesting one.

  • Plants

Not only does bringing nature into the office brighten up the place, but it attributes to a healthy environment as well. Plants release oxygen into the air and have other health benefits as well. Avoid flowers or other plants that are too smelly, as many people have allergies. Basic greenery with some splashes of color can complement a decorative theme. Make sure you assign someone the task of caring for them though; dead plants aren’t attractive or useful.

As a final note, adding these items to your office will help make it a delightful environment that clients and employees alike enjoy. Unearth your business personality by using these tips as a starting point; then use your own creativity to keep the character in your workspace alive.

About the Author: Stacy Lewis is an entrepreneur who likes to share tips about small business and alternate income with everyone she meets. She currently writes for the vending machines supplier © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.