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How to Buy the Best Home Office Chairs Online at a Cheap Rate

What makes a good home office chair? What factors must I be on the look out for when buying a home office chair? Well, I will advice you read on as I am going to reveal everything you need to know about buying good home office chairs.

Just as humans come in many different shapes and sizes; so also does the need and choice for a home office chair vary.  Maybe you’ve just made up your mind to start your own business or you’ve just squeezed out some space in your home to be used as an office and you are considering bringing in some home office furniture (maybe home office chairs). Instead of rushing out in excitement to buy the home office chairs, I will advice you spend a moment to read this article so you can make a better cost effective choice when buying a home office chair.

  How to Buy the Best Home Office Chairs Online at a Cheap Rate

Before buying a home office chair, there are few questions that you should ask yourself and few factors to consider. The purpose of this article therefore is to help you make a good choice in the buying of a home office chair for your business that won’t cost more than your budget.

I decided to write on how to buy a good home office chair because I came to observe that entrepreneurs are usually confused when it comes to making choices and decisions such as these. And nothing annoys home based entrepreneurs more that buying a home office equipment or tool only to regret ever making such purchase. Regrets arise due to the product’s exorbitant price, product’s inferiority or other factors best known to you.

So if you want to avoid such buying mistakes; if you don’t want to bite your fingers in regret after buying a home office chair, then I will suggest you read on as I reveal factors you must consider before buying a home office chair.

 How to Buy the Best Home Office Chairs Online at a Cheap Rate

1.   How do you plan to use the chair?

You should decide how you plan to use the home office chair before even setting out to buy one; as this will be the determining factor for true comfort.  Almost all home office chairs come with a variety of mechanisms that will control the tilting angle, tension tightness, and a mixture of other controls as well. So when you want to buy a home office chair with respect to its usage, you must consider the following type of office chairs.

a)    Heavy use home office chair

These types of office chairs are for those who plan on sitting at their desk for long periods of time. If your business or profession entails long hours of sitting (maybe you are a professional writer, web designer, virtual assistant, editor, proofreader, or programmer), then you should consider looking for a home office chair with a tilting mechanism and a fatigue reducing device on the bottom of the chair seat.

This fatigue reducing device is very important for heavy duty home office chairs because when you are moving forward or backward, this device will enable the chair move along with you in order to provide support and this will help to support your back at all times.

b)   Moderate use home office chair

You should consider going for a moderate use chair if you run back and forth between your desk and other areas of your home throughout the day; you may also choose the moderate use chair if your business duties include mailing and shipping orders, picking up mails or moving in and out of the house.

You may also need the moderate use home office chair if you regularly shuttle between business tasks and household chores. If any of the situations described above best suits you, then you should consider buying a moderate use home office chair with a knee-tilt mechanism.  This allows you to lean back in the chair, while still keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Home office chairs that don’t have this mechanism installed will typically lift your feet when you lean back and forth, which may ultimately result to discomfort or injury over time. Best of all, this type of home office chairs are normally more stylish than the average task home office chair.

c)   Executive home office chair

Just as the name implies, these office chairs are made for home based entrepreneurs and business owners who cherish class and style. This type of home office chairs normally have the same mechanical features as moderate use chairs, although they are much larger, more comfortable, and offer more style for the business executives.

The executive office chair is designed for the average executive who is busy running about and spends a good deal of time either on the phone or on a computer. Comfort, style, and status are the key feature that is usually considered when buying executive office chairs.

For the average security, a home office chair that offers the ultimate comfort is an ideal purchase and an executive home office chair is the option in this case. You can also choose to purchase a heavy use home office chair, if you’ll probably spend a good amount of time at a desk.  If you move around a lot, you may want to go with a moderate use home office chair, as it will provide the comfort you need when you return back to your desk.

 How to Buy the Best Home Office Chairs Online at a Cheap Rate

2.  What is your furniture budget?

The next factor to consider when buying a home office chair is your furniture (office chair) budget. How much are you willing to spend on a home office chair? This is an important factor you must consider because it wouldn’t be economical and financially wise to spend more than your proposed budget just to buy a home office chair.

However, I consider it wise to spend a one time amount of money to buy good, durable home office chairs than to buy inferior home office chairs and repair them repeatedly. If you are bootstrapping or running on a lean budget, then consider going for a good used home office chair.How to Buy Good Home Office Chairs

3.   What’s your taste and style?

Taste and style is another factor you must consider before buying your home office chairs. Some people attach emotions to objects and properties. If you have a taste for class and style, then consider going for a stylish executive home office chair but if not, then a used home office chair can serve.

4.    What is your color preference

The fourth factor to consider when buying home office chairs is your color preference. Some individuals prefer certain colors to others. So when choosing a home office chair, go for a color that suits your style and appeal to your emotions. You should also take into consideration that certain colors suit certain home business offices.

5.   What is the class of your clients

The last but not the least factor you should take into consideration when buying your home office chairs is the class of clients your business deals with. If you are dealing with high end societal class of clients such as the rich or top corporate entities and your home office do receive a lot of visitors, you have no option but to go for executive home office chairs. But if you are serving low or average income earners or you don’t receive a lot of visitors to your home office; then buying used office chairs won’t be a wrong choice.

So these are the five factors you must take into consideration when buying a home office chair for yourself or your staff. As a final note, below are four general rules to consider when using a home office chair.

 How to Buy the Best Home Office Chairs Online at a Cheap Rate

4 General rules to consider when using a home office chair

1.            You should make sure your feet rest comfortably on the floor, and your thighs should be fully supported and placed square on the floor.

2.            Your back should be supported comfortably.  The angle that’s formed by your upper legs and torso should be between 90 and 105 degrees.

3.            When you tilt back; it should be easy, although it shouldn’t be too easy.

4.            The office desk and chair should be customized to permit frequent changes in posture. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.