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Business, New Year Resolutions and You

As I write this article, there’s an aura of joy, gratitude and jubilation all around me. It’s a few minutes past midnight; yet the streets are bursting with people jumping and expressing their joy for seeing the New Year.

In my country Nigeria, it’s a kind of culture for people to stay awake and walk into the New Year; nobody wants to step into the New Year asleep. Looking out my window now, I see mild parties, people trooping to the church to show their gratitude to God for sparing their life and youngsters sending compliments to loved ones over the phone.

Well, another year has passed and I am absolutely grateful to God for granting me the privilege to see the New Year. But after the celebration and all the euphoria; what next?

I know most people believe in stepping into the New Year amidst joy. While I am definitely not against that, I strongly believe that the early hours of the New Year should be a time for sober reflections. I believe the early hours of the New Year should be a time to reflect on your actions of the previous year and how it’s affecting your present life. I strongly believe that this time is a time to look into our lives and tell ourselves the truth.

Every year, I see people who maintain status quo. No advancement or sign of progress and they seem to be contented with the way they are. Every New Year, I see the same set of people who refuse to change because they believe that their life is run by fate. They feel they have no control over events that make up their lives so they live the “eat and drink for tomorrow we shall die” kind of life.

Avoidance of this way of life is the reason why I am not partying with my friends and business associates at this point in time. The parties can come later and I will be sure to enjoy myself but right now, it’s first things first. Now you may be asking yourself what the basis of this article is or what importance this article holds. Instead of telling you why this article will prove relevant to you and your business; I want you to answer the following questions.

                How many of your set goals did you achieve last year?

                What was your New Year resolution last year?

                Did you stick to that resolution?

                Do you have any regrets which you wish you can go back and correct?

                Can you identify the life or business mistakes you made last year and the lessons learned?

                What are your goals for this year?

                What is your strategic action plan for achieving your goals?

                Where in your life and business is change needed?

                How prepared are you for the life or business challenges that lay ahead?

                How many lives did you touch last year and how many will touch this year?

These are the ten questions I want you to ask yourself now. If you don’t have a tangible answer to any of these questions, then this article is for you. Now what has New Year resolutions got to do with you and your business? Well, you will find out soon.

I am writing this article because I have seen the word “New Year resolution” been abused without recourse. Yet, I have also seen individuals whose lives have been turned around simply because of the New Year resolutions they made and upheld.

Well, every first day of the year; I make resolutions. Some I upheld and most I deviated from but this year, I want things to be different. I am challenging myself to make stretching resolutions and stick to it no matter what. This year, I am increasing my personal standards and I also challenge you to do the same. Instead of setting mediocre goals, let’s go beyond our comfort zone and set challenging goals.

Are you willing to make resolutions and stick to them? Do you want to do something different this year? Do you want to end this year with a feeling of fulfillment? Then read on as I outline three practical steps to making this year’s resolution worthwhile for you and your business.

                3 Practical Steps to Making New Year Resolutions that will work for you and your Business


1.            Redefine your life

I consider it useless trying to change your environment and people around you without first changing yourself. I believe this New Year is a time for you to redefine yourself because the momentum at which you kick start the year is very important to how the year is going to turn out for you. The process of redefining your life can start with you answering the following questions.

                What are those habits you dislike the most?

                What positive traits are lacking in your life?

                What do you want for yourself?

Answering these questions will be an added boost in your quest to redefine your life this year. Using myself as a case study, I had several habits I dislike and I dropped them all except one. This particular habit is more or less an addiction but I strongly believe it’s gone with previous year. I have made a strong resolve never to exhibit such habit and I will surely stick to it. Why don’t you do the same for yourself?


2.            Plan ambitious objectives this New Year

Look forward to a raise in your business figures this year by maybe a 15%. You can plan on getting the raise from having more clients, further development of your web site to launching new products or proposing new actions and activities. In fact, dare to aim higher. If the average annual growth rate of your business is 5% to 10%, dare to end this year with a growth rate of at least 20%. It’s possible.

Take advantage of the last year’s business performance evaluation; let it redefine your business objectives and tell you clearly what you want and intend to achieve in the future. Also analyze your personal resolutions side by side with your business resolutions and see how they can complement the success of each other.


3.            Redefine your colleagues

Seeing the same tired and bored faces every day can be a turn off from work but I think this is the least problem for you in your quest to uphold your resolutions. Take a look at those who you call your friends and associates; identify those who are contributing nothing to your advancement in life and business; and put them at arm length.

Eliminate pessimism from your life and a great way to go about this is to keep the cynics in your life at arm length. Look for people with a “I can do it” mindset and befriend them. Share your fears and ideas with this group; they are sure to give you a boost forward. All these, along with an optimistic and positive attitude combined with a wish to do better, will definitely help you accomplish your purpose.

As a final note, I implore you to challenge yourself and go for your dreams. Remember, nothing good comes easy and positive changes are often the most difficult to effect but with a strong will and a positive attitude; you can stick to your New Year resolution and make it a reality. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.