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Top 10 Creative Sales Techniques to Overcome Sales Slump

Stock markets experience crashes unexpectedly. Powerful nations all have one thing in common; which is intermittent droops in their economies. Developing countries lag behind in terms of financial and economic status. Businesses are of no exception. No entrepreneur has the immunity against sudden mood swings in the business sector. Hence, sales techniques must be flexible enough, to guard against and possibly to rise above probable sales slump.

Problems may come in the form of unmotivated personnel, dropping confidence and loyalty of customers, new entrants to the competition or gloomy market conditions. Sales techniques have to be geared towards these abrupt changes. The basic concept here is to get back to where things started and look at the basics of selling. This include, among others, the management strategies in dealing with customers and customer feedbacks, the level of product uniqueness as far as competition is concerned, and the way deals are closed and acted upon. No opposition can be raised against the fundamentals because sales techniques are best done in this light.

Some customers caused headaches could arise in business; but careful evaluation of customer portfolios solves this issue. Customer accounts can end up causing high maintenance costs if the customers catered do not empathize with the business. Failure to meet payment deadlines is a prevalent offense. Sales techniques must consider the type and attitudes of customers. Cooperative customers can be rewarded through rebates and discounts. Misbehaving ones should be disciplined by excluding them from usual privileges, to the extent of denying credit grants or imposing heavier terms.

A sales dip is no simple challenge; it requires competent people to handle things well. The staff might be experiencing a loss of appetite for business and might be posing a grave danger to the sustainability of the business. Sales techniques best address this concern by boosting their morale, or by personal coaching and support. Underperformers must be given ample trainings and opportunities to improve. Regular meetings and team building activities are helpful to re-energize the dead spirits. If your sales team fails to produce the needed results, it might be time to part ways. This must be the last resort, when all other sales techniques utterly fail.

It is also advisable to re-examine the pricing scheme of the business. Sales techniques are definitely tied to prices; with deeper focus on how the market reacts to prices and how changes in prices affect product demand and overall profitability. Cutting prices is not always the best solution; it may lead to faster extinction and death of the business. In case reducing prices becomes the best alternative, careful consideration must be done. Prices must be tied up to fostering long-term relationships. When business turns bad, that’s when loyalty of customers helps so much to survive.

Uncertainty is ever present on business. No man knows exactly how the world will change but only one thing is certain. We cannot just wait for an automatic lift above sales slump. The business that prospers amidst turbulent times is the one who looks at the situation, adjusts accordingly and tailors existing sales techniques to face the challenge. This is the best technique ever; being flexible and responsive. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.