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Top 5 Sales promotion techniques and tips for beginners

Are you a new entrepreneur? Do you want to increase your sales and profits? Are you aiming to reach your target audience using some tried and tested sales promotion techniques and tips for beginners? Then read on.

Selling is one of the most important tasks of an entrepreneur. In fact, without sales skills; you should forget about becoming an entrepreneur because without sales and profits, no business can survive. That’s why an entrepreneur should be one of the best sales people on his team.

Some people take time and struggle a while before finally closing their first deals. It helps to have a quality product, yet even things that people do not really find an obvious need for can find willing buyers, if the seller knows how to package and present the goods or services.

Other things that increase people’s awareness for products and help push sales are inspired TV, print media and online advertising campaign, and a strong online presence. A new online fashion retailer may offer the best quality footwear, apparel and accessories collections and special offers like free shipping, but with poor customer service, chances are, it will not get repeat customers.

A new pet shop or all-natural products store in high-traffic locations like a popular mall, likewise, may carry premium product brands and have a small, loyal clientele, but it won’t be able to attract potential new customers if the store personnel are aloof and inattentive to customer needs and queries. So if you are ready to learn how to sell and promote your business or product, then below are some sales promotion techniques for beginners.

    Top 5 Sales promotion techniques and tips for beginners

  • Hone your presentation skills

The best sales promotion techniques and tips for beginners may be learned from entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. As one CEO shared, a good salesman finds a way to serve customers, wherever they may be. Driving many miles to make a product presentation and the items, for instance, may eventually win over customers.

  • Prepare a sales message targeted to your audience

Being prepared with messages suited to the target audience, who may have varying needs and preferences, is very important. A salesman who is selling gadgets, for instance, will have to determine what features a customer is looking for and then proceed to present the various models. On a broader, corporate level, companies that offer consulting services should have done prior studies on what target clients’ thrusts and projects are. Some may even offer to help their potential clients’ benchmark that its competition is doing without divulging competitive data.

  • Choose your presentation time and venue carefully

On a person-to-person or person-to-group basis, a salesperson usually needs to select the right timing and venue to effectively pitch a product. A cozy nook or spot, even a beauty salon or quiet restaurant, where the customer can be relaxed and receptive to new ideas, may be chosen. Creating a strong bond or eventually, a special relationship with a customer is a surefire way to sales success.

  • Create a user friendly website

A sales promotion technique can be as simple as creating a user-friendly website and using article marketing as well as links placed in social networking sites leading to the site. Or it can be as well thought-out as having a large network of down lines that are regularly given product updates and sales training seminars, and offering freebies or extra services or coupon discounts to customers.

Some sales promotion techniques and tips for beginners who have ventured into modern-day business opportunities like affiliate marketing include knowing much about the product/service; finding the top 20 percent who are excited about your business/product/service (and who can make referrals); and having at-hand collateral like brochures or a sales kit. In-store displays are likewise helpful sales tools that customers on the go may refer to. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.