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5 Techniques for Maintaining Focus to Achieve Goals

In the beginning of every year, it is customary for a lot of people to write down their new year’s resolutions. These resolutions are a set of goals or ambitions that a person would like to achieve for that coming year. These goals may be as simple as passing a subject in school or getting a pet, or as fancy as building your dream house or finally going to that dream vacation. It may also be a short term or a long term goal but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is whether that goal gets accomplished.

Goal setting is actually one of the most favorable habits for anyone who wants to succeed in life. But often times, accomplishing these goals is not as easy as identifying them. This is due to the fact that most people have a hard time focusing or concentrating on a specific task.

I have set several goals this year; some I have accomplished and some I am yet to even act upon. Now for those of you that read this blog regularly, you should be very much aware of my long term goal to make a billion dollars in my lifetime. Well, I am currently in pursuit of the goal by splitting it into several short term goals. But in as much as I am on course, I want you to know that staying focus on my goals hasn’t been an easy task. The constant bombardment of distractions and the fact that society nowadays promotes a fast paced multitasking lifestyle doesn’t help in maintaining focus either.

To address this problem, I am going to share with you five techniques I use for maintaining focus to achieve goals.

5 Techniques for Maintaining Focus to Achieve Goals

  • Write down a list of the goals that you would like to accomplish

The practice of jotting down your future goals is a good way of keeping track of them and also helps to keep your thought organized. By creating a list, you can determine which goal takes more precedence that the others. Sincerely speaking, I write all my goals down and it has really been helpful. Focusing on being able to systematically accomplish one goal after the other is a faster way of achieving them rather than performing all of them at the same time.

  • Stay away from sources of distractions

There are many distractions that can cause you to lose focus on your work. Although a lot of people can work in a chaotic environment, but it is still more effective and highly advisable to find a quiet workplace. Working in front of the television is a definite no-no; working hungry can also make you concentration. To avoid these distractions, try doing your task after eating or you can bring a snack or drinks to the workplace. It is also at times helpful to put on quiet background music to help soothe and relax the mind before concentrating on the job beforehand.

Aside environmental distractions, more disturbing are emotional distractions; which may result from family issues, money issues or relationship issues, etc. Emotional distractions are usually harder to control, so you just have to learn to keep working on your projects even in such situation. Emotional intelligence and control is not harnessed overnight, you develop such traits over time.

  • Avoid procrastination

Accomplishing a goal takes time, so start the work as early as possible. Procrastination only causes stress during the final hours before the deadline and this will definitely make you to break concentration. When rushing, your mind becomes hurried and unorganized and this may result to a substandard outcome of the goal in mind.

  • Eat foods that are good for the brain.

There are many supplements nowadays that help boosts the brain power but instead of buying these expensive medicines, similar effect can be obtained by eating foods such as broccoli, nuts, blueberries, salmon and tuna. These foods are considered brain foods and helps in maintaining your brain function. Beverages such as alcohol, coffee (when consumed in excessive amounts) and sugary foods is bad for a person who wants to concentrate, because alcohol kills brain cells, and excessive intake of caffeine and sugar can make your thoughts hyper and erratic.

  • Reward yourself after accomplishing a goal

A person always works better when there is a reward to look forward to; so to motivate yourself and stay focused, you should try to reward yourself after every accomplishment. It may be as simple as taking a break, or shopping or as grand as taking a cruise but rewards are always an effective way of helping yourself maintain focus on a job.

As a final note, there are of course more than just 5 techniques for maintaining focus to achieve goals. But these 5 techniques for maintaining focus to achieve goals are the most basic and highly effective means of accomplishing such task. I sincerely hope that you find these tips helpful. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.