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How can Managers Develop Leadership Skills in Business

Is management training necessary for business owners, CEOs and employees alike? How can managers develop leadership skills in business? Are you an entrepreneur or manager and you need to develop your leadership skills? Well, I advice you read on to find the answers you seek.

It is now an established fact that leaders are not born, they are made. Leadership skills are learned and mastered through years of understanding the very essence of leading and experiencing to be both a leader of one or group of people, and also be a follower. Plenty of theories are offered by books when it comes to this topic, but not everyone needs the same dose of tips as people are created unique and can be leaders in their own ways. One unique thing about entrepreneurship and skill acquisition is that both are not learned in the classroom or conventional learning institutions. Though you may pick up one or two theories or tips from these learning institutions, you can only develop your skills and become a good leader by getting your hands dirty in the field; not in the classroom. You must follow, lead and work with teams to really understand what leadership is all about.

Management Training – Now how can managers develop leadership skills in business?

  • By seeking advice from the right people and acting on it

Managers can develop leadership skills through advises received from competent and proven individuals such as established entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, etc. However, for such advice received to have an impact, you must first accept them and admit to yourself that you still have rooms for improvement and as a business leader; you must acknowledge the fact that you still have flaws and downsides. Asking yourself with “how can managers develop leadership skills” is futile if you won’t apply the answers even when found.

  • By mingling with followers or workers

In businesses, many people ask the question: “how can managers develop leadership skills?” But the harsh truth is that many will fail in their quest to become better leaders because they take advice from books, forgetting that the foundation of a leader-follower relationship is the unique human interaction that cannot be dictated by bestselling authors and leadership gurus. To make a light out of the topic, the matter is discussed on a practical approach, divided according to the facets of managerial capabilities.

Insufficient as it sounds, staying perched on a pedestal will not develop instant connection with the followers. Managers need to mingle with workers to make them feel closer to you, which eventually form a bond and trust. This way, you are gaining respect through your humbleness and not merely recognition due to your position. Sooner or later, followers will feel unappreciated if you keep maintaining a distance.

  • By knowing what weaknesses are

Managers need not be weak and in fact, it is the quite opposite. They should always be strong as their employees rely on them for almost everything – inspiration, motivation, decisions. However, not knowing your team’s weaknesses will cause those very weaknesses to rot from the core outwards. By the time you get hold of the situation, it may be too late as employees are already corrupted by influences from co-employees or demoralizing situations.

By knowing your weaknesses as a leader and also the weaknesses of your followers, you are already solving half of the problem and forging stronger bonds. Nobody can develop strengths without identifying your own weaknesses so accept that you have flaws and can still get improvement.

Management Training – How can managers develop leadership skills in business?

  • By looking at the same direction with followers

Managers in businesses are students as well –students of running an enterprise and steering the wheel of success together with crews. You may be in-charge of the steering wheel, but your crews are holding the sail and manning the mast. You point to what direction the business is heading at, and they keep the wind’s power to your advantage. Even managers can only do much.

One important aspect of leadership is not only knowing what direction is best for the business, but in what direction the whole team is looking at. As a leader, it is your job to give them the correct navigation coordinates should they be looking at the wrong side.

  • By being a follower

Great leaders are also great followers. This is nothing new but somehow, people disregard this value and see it as degrading to their stature. Leadership by force and fear does not last while leadership by respect is carried on even when the leader is gone and the followers become leaders themselves.

In conclusion, an important factor you should bear in mind is that developing leadership skills in life and business is a continuous learning process. It is not a one-hit affair because different individuals and team you will work with tend to pose a new challenge for you, you must learn and learn fast. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.