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How Technology Affects Our Social Skills

What is the effect of technology on our social skills as an entrepreneur? Does the use technology have a negative impact on our lives as business people? Well, this article will provide the answers you need.

Technology is being used in almost every atmosphere of our society to accomplish specific tasks. Technology has changed the way we do things and it has brought some fun in our society. It reduces on human errors which can be caused by too much work or stress.

Using technology in our society has its own advantages and disadvantages to our social skills. In fact, technology has brought some of the biggest developments especially in the business world. Now, you can start a business with little or no capital using technology as leverage. No wonder we now have young billionaires and millionaires that started from scratch with nothing. However, technology has its bad side. So without wasting your time, below are detailed points explaining how technology can be of great use at in our society and how it can also be a problem.

How Technology Affects Our Social Skills

  • Positive Effect of Technology

1.  Technology improves communication in business

Technology helps to change the way we interact with each other in our society. With the advent of technology, we can use various tools to interact or exchange information in our society. For instance, we can text messages or use video conferencing tools such as Skype to share and exchange information at little or no cost.

2.  Technology encourages creativity and innovation

Technology helps to create innovative ideas which can assist our social growth and expansion. Many people create technological challenges and reward those who come up with creative ideas using technology.

3. Technology improves human resource management

Technology in our society can change the way we handle issues in our environment. It improves on the process of screening, admitting and handling issues or resources. Many people make use of the internet to advertise their businesses. Targeted customers will be in a good position to purchase their goods. Technology makes our work so easy and it can be used to check the performance and productivity of individuals in the corporation or society at large.

4.  Technology saves time

Technology can be used to automate tasks in the society; and this automation will encourage efficiency and productivity in the society. The use of computers to accomplish different tasks in our society creates the avenue for correction making and as well reduces human errors. Using databases to capture and store information can facilitate quick decision making in our society.

5. Technology creates mobility and decentralization

The use of computers and internet in our society has eliminated space and time boundaries. People can work from anywhere at any moment; this mobility makes people to be in control of their activities. Technological tools like virtual meeting applications saves our time, as we do not have to be in a meeting presently yet information and update will be shared in real-time.

 How Technology Affects Our Social Skills

  • Negative Effect of Technology

1.  Technology is a source of distraction

There are so many ways that technology distracts. The use of social networks in our society can cause much distraction and it affects our level of concentration over activities. Some websites like 2go, Face book, Twitter, YouTube, etc can cause distraction when we are on a serious business. For instance, in lecture rooms, churches, workplace and other special environment that requires no distraction.

2.  High Maintenance costs

It is might be cheap but it is expensive to maintain it. Not everybody can afford to purchase these technological devices and as well be able to maintain and keep them safe. If technological tools like computers are not well maintained or taken care of, their rate of services or performance will decline and the process of purchasing new ones or any other technological device can be costly.

3. Technology makes people lazy

Since most of activities are automated by the use of technology, many people become lazy; thus technology destroys their creativity and skills. Simple tasks such as calculation and tracking inventories are being done with use of computers; therefore indicating that people do not put their brains to work, they find it difficult to solve high-end problems simply because a computer or software will do it without any challenge.

4.  It affects our societal relationship

People communicate through cell phones, text messages,  email or virtual video conferencing devices. This aspect of communication technology eliminates face-to-face interaction. Interpersonal communications are very much essential in building our societal relationships because people will have the opportunity to know each other in person, sometimes they can even share casual information. This aspect of communication have been destroyed by technological interactive devices. People now become more reserved and self-centered; as they get tied into their activities which can be of great negative effect to the society.

5. It is Risky with respect to security and privacy

Though we appreciate the advantages that come with technology in our society, it also seems to be risky, especially when it involves data security. All people in position of important decision making will require an access to private societal information. This can pose as a threat because it can be very complex to monitor the privacy and usage of this information. Many people move around with flash drives at all places so that they can transfer societal information and makes use of it for their own personal gains.

No doubt, the saying that what ever has an advantage also has a disadvantage is true. Yes technology is good, but there are also some adverse effects attached to it.

So in conclusion, i advice that we learn to make use of technology in positive ways and use it also for self growth and personal development. If we can do this, i bet we will enjoy the best of the world of technology. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.