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Poor but Happy: How to Overcome the Fear of Success

Everyone loves success stories. Some are inspired by it and the personalities behind such stories are applauded and thumbed up as being lucky. But it may surprise you to know that most people are afraid of success. Why? The primary reason is that those who fear success are not willing to pay the price to attain it. Have you ever heard the following statement?

“I’ll rather be poor and happy.”

“The reason I’m poor is because I am not greedy.”

“I am contented the way I am.”

The above are statements from people who have chosen to remain poor. Now why would someone choose to be poor when he or she can plan on being rich? Well, some people purposely chose to be poor, while others take the poverty route unknowingly.

In the fertile land of promises, many have died of hunger.” – The Mafia Manager

                7 Reasons why people choose to be poor

1.            Laziness

2.            Ignorance

3.            Fear of taking risk

4.            Cynicism

5.            Unwillingness to change their perception

6.            Unwillingness to aim above mediocrity

7.            Unwillingness to pay the price of success

                How to identify people who are afraid of success

a.            They vehemently oppose change or any new idea outside their reality. They want to do things the old way.

b.            They are anti-capitalists

c.             They are cynics and pessimists

d.            They hide under the umbrella of religion to remain poor

e.            They abhor taking risk of any kind

f.             They have no income yielding investments except maybe their savings

g.            They see successful people as super humans or extra-ordinary beings

h.            They attribute success to luck

i.              They dislike learning and would rather watch T.V or surf the net

j.             They believe their live have been pre-destined by nature of some unseen force

                How to overcome the fear of success

i.              Be truthful to yourself and acknowledge your fears

ii.             Be open to new ideas

iii.            Be willing to learn

iv.           Think big

v.            Have the believe that success is a reward of tactical effort © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.