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10 Energy Saving Tips for your Office

As the human awareness towards the need to preserve our ecosystem increases, there is an increasing need to conserve energy; thus opening up a whole new industry called the “Green Industry.” Are you interested in learning how to save energy in your workplace? Do you want to drastically reduce your energy consumption in your small business office? Then this article is for you.

Now there are many way to conserve energy in your office, but here are ten important and effective ways of conserving energy in your office. Tons of reasons exist that will certainly motivate you to conserve energy in your office. One of them is to save some money from expensive electric bills. Also, you might be aiming to help other people in conserving Earth’s natural resources. Whatever your reasons are, below are the top 10 best energy saving tips for your small business office that you can implement.

Top 10 Best Energy Saving Tips for your Small Business Office

  • Turn your lights off when not in use

One of the most basic energy saving tip for either your home or office is to turn off the lights you do not use regularly. By so doing, you can be able to conserve some energy. However, you should not underestimate this simple act of power saving. The money you might save from your electric bill might surprise you.

  • Remove incandescent bulbs and replace them with LED bulbs

This energy saving tip will let you save more electricity. In fact replacing all the incandescent bulbs and lamps installed in your office with LED lighting can drastically reduce your energy consumption. However, the LED bulbs you will buy are expensive, but all of those dollars you have spent buying them will surely be regained in a few months. So therefore, it is more advisable to make use of fluorescent light bulbs as they tend to conserve more energy and have higher durability than the incandescent bulbs.

  • Plan your office location.

The third tip is to be implemented during summer time, or whenever the Sun is angry as hell and a good way to go about it is to make sure that you block the sunlight from coming through your office windows. If you do that, your air conditioning unit will not be pushed to use more electricity to lower the temperature in your office space. This has to do with the planning of your office and making sure the location of your office is not towards the direction of the sun.

  • Set your computer to sleep mode when not in use

Tweak the power saving settings on all your computers to make them sleep when they are not used. Waking your computers can let you save power than letting your employees perform cold boots when they want to use their stations. other equipments like the copiers are to be powered down also. by so doing, you stand a chance of energy conservation.

  • Unplug the electronics when not in use

Another great way to save energy in your office is to always unplug all unused electrical devices from their power sources when not in use. Doing this will not only save you power, but it will also prevent any electricity related incidents and damages.

Top 10 Best Energy Saving Tips for your Small Business Office

  • Replace outdated devices.

Since you have already replaced your light bulbs, it will be best if you replace your old electrical devices, too. Remember, outdated equipment, like old printers, refrigerator and faxes, consume more energy, and do not have power saving features.

  • Employ the services of a professional energy auditor

To know some other devices you can replace to save more power, you should hire a professional energy auditor. This will go a long way to save not only energy but also money because a professional energy auditor can assist you in finding all the electricity hogs you have in your office. Also, he can provide you with additional professional tips on how to reduce your energy cost.

  • Replace your duct filter monthly

If you have a heater in your office and you use it regularly, it is advisable that you replace your duct filters every month. Replacing your duct filter will make your heater more efficient and consume less energy.

  • Implement a paper reduction strategy

Another simple tip you can follow is to revert your office to become paperless. If there is no paper, your workers will not use your printers. This paper reduction strategy goes a long way in conserving energy. With this strategy, not only will you save energy but you will also conserve other things like resources.

The last but not the least energy saving tip in a small business office is to go ahead and leave your car in your house if you want to take energy saving seriously. I know it is difficult but it can be done especially when your office location is not far from your home. So why not start your Monday by going to your office on a bike. Aside saving liters of petroleum, taking your energy saving scheme to the next mile by riding a bike is worth it and it will help your health, too. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.