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Business Process Outsourcing and its Impact on Small Businesses

Business process is the skeleton of a certain business activity. It involves the description of different tasks and possible outcomes that are associated with a specific business activity. Business process is essential in crafting the business goals of a certain corporate organization, which is clearly defined in the organization’s business strategy.

The business process of a firm can be classified into three categories, which are:

The management processes: which is followed to run the operation of the business and comply with all existing yet relevant requirements.

The operational processes: This is followed in delivering the business value to clients and is considered an integral part of a corporate organization’s core business.

The supporting processes: which is followed to support the core based processes. It includes accounting, information technology (IT) support, and recruitment processes.

Being the skeleton of your organization’s business activity, you must give utmost importance to your business process as a whole. This is extremely important since the success or failure to achieve the goals of your business will largely depend on the process that you have chosen, together with your business strategies and plans. Thus, without an effective business process; your business is as good as dead.

Realizing the importance of a business process in achieving their business objectives, most companies opted to outsource some or all of their business process (most specifically the non-core processes) to third-party organizations. The main motive of outsourcing a business process is to allow a business to invest most of its time, financial and human resources into core activities and focus on building effective strategies that will fuel the growth of the company.

Since the global marketplace is fast changing and becoming highly competitive, your business must concentrate on improving productivity and at the same time trim down unnecessary costs. Surviving in a highly-competitive global marketplace is not as easy as you think. You need an option that will work to your advantage and that option is outsourcing.

Now since the business process of a company; especially the non-core one needs to be given equal importance and attention to achieve an efficient business operation. Outsourcing these business processes will not be a waste of time and financial resources, but rather a strategy to be followed.

Non core business processes are being outsourced because the tasks involved in these processes consumes time, essential resources and energy. Thus, outsourcing these non-core business processes will help your business achieve a cost-efficient system.

Non-core business processes that can be outsourced range from production to customer service to support functions (such as software development). Most companies outsourcing their business processes are from Western countries and they are delegating the work to outsourcing firms located offshore; especially countries located on the Eastern hemisphere such as China, Philippines, India, and Malaysia.

So if outsourcing your business process is an option you consider cost effective, then outsourcing to these same countries will be the best bet for your business. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.