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10 Brand Reputation Management Tools

What are the best online reputation management tools? How do you manage your company’s brand reputation online and how much does it cost? Well, i advice you read on to find out.

Most small businesses don’t really care about their online reputation and they don’t even recognize the essence of brand reputation management. But if you are going to set yourself apart, then you must begin to take into consideration the opinion of your customers about your business. Now the process of core task required in the handling of your business reputation usually involves:

  • Promoting positive sentiment about your brand.
  • Being active at social networks on behalf of your company.
  • Daily tracking of news and social conversations about your brand.
  • Joining discussions that could hurt your business and redeeming your company’s image

However, executing all these tasks on a daily basis manually or by hand sounds a bit of a formidable job. Luckily, there are online brand reputation management tools that you can use to always stay on top of what people are saying concerning your brand and act on those conversations. Without wasting your time, below are such tools.

Top 10 Best Online Reputation Management Tools

1. Google alerts

This is the first and simplest tool that comes to mind when you are thinking about reputation management. Google alert allows you to create an alert for a specific search term (your business’s name, the name of your CEO, your product name, etc) and as well permit you to receive notifications to your email address each time the keyword is being mentioned on the web.

2. Google discussions

This is another wonderful tool to use in managing your reputation. Unlike Google web search, Google discussions will permit you to discover relevant conversations that are happening specifically at forums and blogs.

3.  Social-mention

This is another handy tool which you can use to keep track of what is being said concerning your business online. Furthermore, it provides links to different social posts mentioning your business, it as well shows you the keywords that are often used in those posts and estimate the overall sentiment that the above mentioned has.

4.  Who’s Talking

This is a service that is similar in its functionality to Social-mention. It assists you to find an online conversation, videos, images and other content that is essential to the keywords you provide. The inconvenience about Who’s Talking, is that it allow you to see only one aspect of mentions at a time. For instance, you can see a feed that contains only twitter mentions. And if you want to see your Facebook mentions, you will have to switch to another feed.

5.  Technorati

This is a helpful tool to develop your company, products and services, especially if you maintain a blog. You can avail of this service for free and it would help you track blogs, articles, stories, forums, and even videos that mentions any of the phrases you have. This can also help you monitor what people say about your company.

Top 10 Best Online Reputation Management Tools

6.  Backtype

If you are wondering what people are saying about your company and products, registering on backtype can be a great idea. This tool allows you to get updates on what people are saying about your products. It allows you to easily find discussions and forums on the net mentioning your products or services.

7.  Board Tracker

Community forums and discussion boards are one of the largest places on the internet consumers gather to talk about companies and products. This tool on the allows you to keep track of such forums and read what people are saying on boards and forums.

8.  Trendrr

This is a great tool that will allow you to analyze how your brand or company is fairing with your competitors. They will send you easy to read graphs to show you the popularity of your company or products.

9.  Brands Eye

This is a service that many blog owners have. This tool monitors your brand name carefully and ranks it with a score so you get an idea how your company or brand is fairing in the market.

10.  BuzzBundle

BuzzBundle is a multi platform dashboard, which when using, you can track brand-related social mentions in real time. The software as well permits you to reply to individual posts right from the dashboard, send direct messages, re-tweet tweets, and more.

Besides, you can log in to your social accounts via BuzzBund and see the posts which you published by yourself in a separate stream.  The SMM tool as well permits you to add relevant conversations to favorites and browse your favorites in a separate workspace.

In conclusion, keeping track of what people say concerning your brand on the internet is an essential part of any business. However, the number of social networks has become so numerous these days that it is almost impossible to stay on top of things without resorting to any tools. Whichever way, the software is bound to decrease the amount of time you invested managing reputation for your business and assist you to reach larger audiences with your social media promotional efforts. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.