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How to Grow a Business: A Quick Recap of the Year’s Post

Few hours from now, the year 2010 will pass away; never to be seen again. But before it passes away, I think it is best we assess ourselves and our businesses; so as to know how far we’ve fared. Instead of boring you with some not too exciting details; I will be using this opportunity to do a brief rundown on how this business blog fared for the year 2010.

Throughout the year 2010, we strived to provide valuable content but we want to acknowledge that our content will be useless without your loyal readership. We say thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin. We will continuously strive to improve on our stewardship to you and provide you the best information on starting a business or growing a business respectively.

I don’t know how or when you stumbled on this blog, but what I do know is that you must have missed some great business strategies and success tips we shared over the year. If you are in this category of entrepreneurs; don’t fret because I want to do a recap of our best posts for the year.

                A recap of the year’s business building articles


Going by the way you readers digested the information on this business blog, we have decided to share this brief rundown with you.

                Special Business Articles of 2010 that Stirred the Entrepreneurial Spirit of our readers

1.            The fastest growing article in terms of readership: 15 Fastest Growing Business Opportunities in Nigeria

2.            The most popular successful entrepreneur article on this business blog: Aliko .Dangote: The Richest Black Man. in the World and founder of the Dangote Group

3.            The article with the most personal touch: How to. Start a Business from Scratch: My Entrepreneurial Journey So Far

4.            The most read list post: Successful .Entrepreneurs and World’s Richest School Drop Out. Billionaires

5.            The most challenging article: How to Become a Self Made Billionaire

6.            The best personal advice and quotes: 67 Rich .Dad and Robert .Kiyosaki Quotes on Business and Money

7.            The best selling Business book on this blog: The Mafia .Manager Book Review: A Guide to Corporate Machiavelli

8.            The most controversial article: Is a College Degree Necessary for Building a Successful Business?

9.            The second best most controversial article: The Highest Paid CEOs in the World are not Entrepreneurs

10.          The most downloaded most shared free business book: How to smart borrow money for your business without hurting yourself or your business

11.          The best unconventional advice for the year: 40 Famous Quotes about Life and Business from the Mafia .Manager

So this is our best pick for the year. We will strive to sustain the pace and even improve on our service of rendering business advice to you. Thanks for being a loyal reader of God bless you. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.