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How to Start a Fashion Blog Successfully

Do you want to learn how to start a fashion blog? Are you a fashion addict? Do you run a fashion house or you are in fashion business? Do you spend hours reading magazines and lusting over clothes that you’ll never be able to afford?

Are you looking for a way into the world of fashion journalism or just looking to create your own place to write?  If you live and breathe fashion, then it’s only natural that you are considering creating a platform to indulge and share your ideas – here’s what you’ll need to consider, before diving in head first to start your own blog.

How to Start a Fashion Blog Successfully

  • Why Do You Want to Start a Fashion Blog?

Yes, this is the first thing you need to think through before starting a fashion blog. Why do you want to do it? Do you want to start a fashion blog just because you run a fashion business? Or you want to use it as leverage to broadcast your talent and style to the world? Or better still, you just want to keep in touch with your customers regularly?

Are you starting a blog to make money and become famous? Or you are simply pursuing your passion for fashion journalism? Well, regardless of why you are starting a blog; just make sure you know what you are doing and never lose focus on your audience.

  • Learn everything you can about blogging

The rule of blogging is the same all over the world. The only differences are your choice of blogging platform (wordpress, blogger, joomla, drupal, typepad), your writing or blogging style and the niche you are targeting; which is your case is the fashion industry. Also, there are a few technicalities about blogging that you must learn or better still, hire a competent individual to do the task.

  • Write a plan

What’s your writing style? How will your blog attract audience? How will you source information that you will provide to your audience? How will you promote your blog? Will your blog generate income? If yes! How? All these are questions you must answer in the planning phase of your blog.

  • Find Your USP (Unique Selling Point) & Write a Mission Statement

Before you sit down and start blogging, it’s vital that you are 110% sure that you know what you want to achieve with your fashion blog. If it’s to share your personal style ideas with friends, then you are going to write in a different tone than if you are writing to get picked up by one of the big publishing companies. Likewise, if you want to become an authoritative blogger on a particular fashion niche, i.e. 50s style, then you need to make sure that everything you do supports your objective.

Write down exactly what you want to achieve from your blog, include exactly what you want to write about and decide who you are writing for. Are you writing for vintage lovers or high-fashion divas?

How to Start a Fashion Blog Successfully

  • Choose a Business Name

What’s in a name? Well, in the fashion world, almost everything. Do you want a name that reflects you as a person? i.e. Retro-Rebecca or do you want something reflects your taste in fashion? i.e. Vintage-Vogue. Or maybe you want a name that is memorable because it’s wacky or strange, i.e. BrightBlueMonkeys; well, you have more choice than you realise. However, it’s important to remember that if you do “make it” as a fashion blogger, you will be forever associated with the name of your blog.

Top Tip: Imagine turning up to a fashion event where you have been invited to blog. Now imagine yourself introducing yourself; “I’m Ben from XXXXXX”. You want a name that you are proud of, that you can say with gusto and not feel embarrassed. When you have that, when you can say it out loud without cringing, then you’ve got a name.

  • Buy a Domain Name and Build your Blog

Once you’ve decided on a name, you need to buy the domain name. This will cost about £10/$15 a year (bargain!). Many bloggers stick with the free name they are given i.e. or The problem with this is that, if you aren’t serious enough about your blog to invest a little bit of money, then why should a potential reader invest time in reading what you’ve produced?

There are countless free blog platforms out there, which are easy to use and capable enough for you to run a fully-fledged fashion blog. The most commonly used are Google’s Blogger platform, which allows simple and interchangeable skins, and, which is equally easy to use and, in my opinion, far more versatile than Blogger.

  • Styling Your Style Portal

When styling your blog, remember one simple thing: your blog is there to be read. Don’t over complicate things with garish backgrounds and bright pink fonts – keep it simple and make it easy for your readers to spend hours and hours on your site. The navigation should allow your visitors to glide around the site, finding the information they want, and discovering new information that they didn’t know they wanted. Everything you do should be for the reader.

  • Get Blogging!

Once you have the basic shell of your blog, it’s time to start blogging. Remember, everything you write should support your mission statement. Blog as often as you can, but especially when you are feeling inspired by something. Likewise, don’t force yourself to write about things that don’t really get your motor running- your readers will be able to tell. Some bloggers create blogging calendars and stick to very strict blogging regimes, others carry their laptop with them wherever they go so they can blog as soon as they awestruck by something they find out and about; it really is up to you, but what is important, is that you blog as much as you can!

Top Tip: Don’t tell your readers that your blog is about vintage fashion or 50s styling, instead, actually write about vintage fashion and 50s styling! Your readers don’t care about your “plans, hopes and dreams” they want fashion goodness!

About the Author: Ben Holbrook is a fashion blogger at Miinto and is passionate about providing content that inspires and educates fashion lovers across the country. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.