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5 Ideas on How to Have a Successful Garage Sales – Pricing Tips

Garage sales are a great way of removing unwanted properties and household items that have been lying around and accumulating in your house. It is also a great way to earn extra money. Garage sales are such a successful venture that some people are not just doing it after spring cleaning but are making it their permanent occupation.

A lot of people are interested in venturing into this trade and are asking how to have a successful garage sale. Now it may sound easy to do, after all, all you have to do is just place all of the items you need to sell in your front yard and hope for people to come right? No. there’s more to having a successful garage sale than meets the eye; and there are actually other ways you can increase your profit that most people don’t know?

Do you want to learn how to organize a successful garage sales? Do you want to learn some smart pricing tips and ideas that can increase your profits? Then read on as I share with you five ideas on how to have a successful garage sale?

                5 Ideas on How to Have a Successful Garage Sales – Pricing Tips

  • Gather all items you want to sell beforehand

Months before the actual sale, start collecting the items that are to be sold. It is actually much better to prepare months beforehand so that if there are any repairs needed to be done on the materials selected to be sold, like furniture, there will be enough time to that. Also, make sure that there are enough items to sell. Remember, a full store is always more attractive to a potential customer.

  • Make signs and posters to advertise the sale

It is also advisable to put posters up maybe a week or days before the actual sale and make sure that these posters are placed on designated legal areas for signs and posters in the community. Placing posters in restricted places would be considered as vandalism. Contact the local municipal office or the local police office to find out which zones in the community are alright to place posters.

  • Place an advertisement on the local paper or on the local radio network

This is additional advertising and will help a lot since radios and papers reach a lot of potential customers than signs and posters.

  • On the day of the sale, organize the flow of the display and price the items accordingly

Organizing the display will help the customers find the items faster. Like if all the furniture and other furnishing related items are all together in one area, and the books are in another area, the toys, clothes etc… This type of organizational flow will not only help the customers but the seller as well, since by doing this; you can watch easily over the items being handled by the customers. Also, providing a fair price for the items and allowing the customers to haggle will ensure a good customer relationship.

  • Avoid looming over the customers

Remember how annoying those salesmen and ladies in the malls are when they follow a customer everywhere like they’re trying to catch them stealing. Don’t do it. The most probable result is that the customers will get annoyed and leave without buying anything. Allow them to look over the items for sale and come over only if they seem to need assistance or when they asked for it, otherwise oversee the sale from afar.

In conclusion, these are the basics ideas and tips on how to have a successful garage sale. But probably, the best way to find success in any venture is to love whatever it is you are doing, to work hard and to remember to always be pleasant. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.