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How to Register a Trademark Name and Logo for Companies

The process of registering a trademark is important; not only for big companies, but also for small and local businesses. Getting your name or logo trademarked is similar to getting your invention or idea patented. In the most basic sense, you are protecting your intellectual property from being copied and used illegally by other people or business owners. To help you understand the easiest ways on how to register a trademark name or logo for your company or business, below are some guidelines and tips that you can easily follow.

     How to Register a Trademark Name and Logo for Companies

Before even registering your name or logo, you must make sure that your trademark is unique and original. You can accomplish this by checking out the Trademark Electronic Search System Database. This particular database would be very helpful because you can compare and contrast your trademark from the registered ones. You should keep in mind that having a similar trademark from the registered ones would lead to the rejection of your application. Also, it does not matter if you have used your trademark for years because the first one to register would be the one that would be legally acknowledged.

Once you have verified that your trademark (name or logo) does not match anything in the database, you can start your registration by using the online application found in the Trademark Electronic Application System. In here, you find registration forms that you need to fill out first. A major advantage of registering your trademark online is that it is fast and easy, especially for small business owners.

After making sure that your registration forms are complete and accurate, you can file it to the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office. The whole process would not take so much time, but it is very advisable that you double-check your forms before submitting them to the USPTO. In most cases, the registration for a trademark would only take about an hour and a half to be fully completed.

On the other hand, some people still prefer to submit hard copies to the USPTO instead of the online forms. For this method, you must acquire a copy of the printed trademark registration form at the Trademark Assistance Center. In addition, you can also get helpful brochures on registering trademarks in this assistance center that can make the process go smooth sailing. However, the clear disadvantage of this method compared to the online method is that filing printed registration forms take much longer to be processed and accepted than their online counterparts.

Getting the help of a lawyer is not really necessary for most cases. Registering a trademark name or logo is a simple procedure, especially if your trademark is really unique for your line of trade. However, if you think that having someone with a background on these matters would really help you, then intellectual property lawyers are your best bet for this type of situation.

In conclusion, the mentioned tips and guidelines on the registration of trademarks are mostly only applicable in the US. If you live in another country, you can check your local patent office to get accurate and applicable tips on how to register a trademark name or logo for your company. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.