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The Ultimate Blogging Toolkit for Making Money Online in Nigeria

Ajaero Tony MartinsMy Fellow Nigerian,

For you to have gotten to this page, it means you are very interested in learning the ins and outs of doing business on the internet and making money online as well. Well, I want to personally congratulate you because you are about to take a bold step into a world of financial abundance.

Now you might think that your dream to start an online business with forever remain wishes but I want you to know that it can become a reality today; only if you are willing to take action. For those of you that don’t know me, I will make a brief introduction. I am Ajaero Tony Martins, an entrepreneur and investor.

I am not a guru, computer programmer or a whizkid. I am simply a Nigerian entrepreneur that started from scratch and built a fortune. This business blog you are reading now is just one of my web assets; I am talking about web assets that put thousands of dollars in my pocket monthly without me doing anything. So I think I am qualified to tell you what works and what doesn’t.

I make money online right here in Nigeria by building blogs and that’s exactly what I am going to teach you how to do. Even if you are an internet novice; as long as you can hold a mouse and read an ebook, you can make money online…..take it or leave it.

                Now what do I have to offer?

Without mincing words or wasting your time, I will hit the nail on the head. I am here to teach you how to make money online right here in Nigeria. I am here to show you exactly how I became famous online while still making my cool dollars from the comfort of my home. I am here to show you how to set up a money making blog in less than three hours and begin to make money from it in seven days or less.

The “Ultimate blogging toolkit” happens to be the first ever information product I will be offering on and I am brought it out because of the repeated calls and questions I keep getting from my fellow Nigerians about how to make money online. Since the moment I wrote the article “How to Make Money Online in Nigeria”, I have been bombarded with questions about what it takes to start a blog and make money with it. So based of this clarion call, I decided to assemble the “Ultimate Blogging Toolkit.

                What is the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit all about?

Like I have explained several times, I am not a guru or programmer. I did not become a successful internet entrepreneur overnight; I started somewhere. That is what I want to help you do; that is what the ultimate blogging toolkit will help you do. The ultimate blogging toolkit contains the exact blueprint and tools I used to start my career as an internet entrepreneur. And that’s what I am going to give to you today.

                How will the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit Help you Achieve your Goal to Make Money Online?

Inside the “Ultimate Blogging Toolkit”, you will practically learn:

  1. 1.     How to setup a Blog like in 30minutes and begin to make $5 – $10 daily income guaranteed.
  2. 2.     You will learn how to extract a minimum of $100 from that simple blog every week. Mind you, I make much more than this amount.
  3. 3.     You will discover the ultimate secret to making money online. If you don’t know this particular secret, then you will never make one Naira on the internet.
  4. 4.     You will discover how to convert your hobby, skill, talent or passion into a Cash Machine.
  5. 5.     I will be using my blog as a case study to show you how I generate income 24/7 even when I am in the rest room.
  6. 6.     You will learn how to research and get a highly profitable niche that others don’t know about. This is the ultimate secret that the so called Gurus will not tell you.
  7. 7.     You will learn how to become a respected authority on the internet that people will beg for your advice with their cash in hand.
  8. 8.     You will learn how to make a minimum of $25/week by partnering with (the world largest bookstore) and (the world largest affiliate marketing company) and CJ.
  9. 9.     You will learn how to build a Blog with $0 capital. No money involved, No risk involved and yet; you will still make $5 – $10 per day guaranteed.
  10. 10.                        You will learn how to make at least $10 per day from your Virtual Real Estate Blog using Google Adsense, InfoLinks, TextLinkAds, Adbrite and BuySellAds.
  11. 11.                        You will discover the ultimate reason why most Nigerians will never make a dime on the internet even if they attend all the seminars and buy all the ebooks or software in the world. I will also tell you how to avoid being a part of these Nigerians.
  12. Apart from learning all these from the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit, I will also be giving you the same materials I use setup a Niche Blog in less than 30 minutes.

Now I know you are overwhelmed with this offer but that’s not all.

                What Exact Materials Can I find inside the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit?

If this is the question on your mind, then I am going to answer it. Inside the ultimate blogging toolkit, you will find the following materials:

  1. a.      How To Launch Your Own Money Making (Affiliate Marketing) Content Website In The Next 5mins Or Less, And Start Generating Income From Google Adsense And Other Affiliate Programs In 7 days Or Less………………………..Value: $197.95
  2. b.      How to create a blog and sell it for huge profits…………………….Value: $37.00
  3. c.       101 High Profit Businesses You Can Start On The Internet With Little Or No Money…………………………Value: $97
  4. d.      An Mp3 audio titled “17 hidden ways to make $50 a day from your blog”……………….………..Value: $147.00
  5. e.      How to make at least $25 per week from affiliate programs such as,, and still using your simple blog……………………..Value : $47.00
  6. f.        How to make at least $5/day with…………………………………Value: $27.97
  7. g.      How to start from zero and grow to $50 in 30days…………………………..Value: $19.95
  8. h.      How to make money from your blog…………………………………..Value: $39.97
  9. i.        How to make money with Google Adsense……………………….Value: $97.95

Do you know that is paying Nigerians in US Dollars every month? All you have to do is generate clicks on their adverts and you will get paid. For example:

If 1 click = $0.50

Then 10 clicks per day = $0.50 x 10 = $5 per day

100 clicks per day = $0.50 x 100 = $50 per day

  1. j.        How to succeed with your blog…………………………………….Value: $17.95
  2. k.      An MP3 audio that contains information on how to start your own Internet business; part 1&2……………………………………Value: $95.57
  3. l.        Black Belt Marketing: How to market your website/blog and drive insane traffic………………………….Value: $147.00
  4. m.    33 Days To Online Profits…………………………..Value: $47.95
  5. n.      118 Most Useful WordPress Plugins………………………..Value: $27.97
  6. o.      7 Totally Free Ways To Get More Traffic…………….Value: $30.00
  7. p.      27 Free Marketing Tools…………………..Value: $17.95
  8. q.      101 Copywriting Tips: How to write a web copy or sales letter that forces money out of the pocket of your visitors………………………..Value: $17.95
  9. r.       Search Engine Manifesto: “How to Rank Your Web Pages HIGH in TOP Search Engine Popular Results For Maximum Exposure and increase the value of your blog!”…………………..Value: $97.95
  10. s.       SECRETS TO WEB TRAFFIC OVERDRIVE: Traffic Building Techniques to Increase Visitor Flow to Your Websites and Explode Your Business Profits!……………Value: $27.97
  11. t.       Traffic Generation Course………………….Value: $17.97

What do you have to do to gain access to this life changing offer?

Now if you are to calculate the total value of the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit in Naira, it will amount to over N100,000. But if you want to be a partaker and tap into this once in a lifetime offer. If you are willing to kick start your career as an internet entrepreneur. If you desire to learn how to set up a money making blog that pays you for life? If you desire to be among the Lucky Nigerians that I will take by the hand and show them teach how to make at least $100 in the next seven days.

All you have to do is to make a sacrificial deposit of N5,500 only (Five Thousand Five Hundred Naira) into the bank account provided below and text your name and email address to my phone number provided below.

WARNING!!!!!! Please this “Ultimate Blogging Toolkit” is not for everyone. It is strictly for Highly Motivated Nigerians who are willing to put in the necessary work to begin making money online while I provide the necessary information and guidance.

Please if you want to learn how to “Make $1,000 in 2 hours” then this toolkit is not for you. This package is for Nigerians who are willing to work with me for the next 30 days to setup a system from scratch that will be generating nothing less than $100 every week.

But Why Am I Charging N5,500 Since I Should beGiving the “Ultimate Blogging Toolkit Away for FREE?

Now before I proceed, I want to clearly state that I am not doing this for the money, the reasons I am charging N5,500 dor the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit is because:

a)      This is not the regular make money online package you buy with nothing achieved. This is the exact blogging tools I used to set up my own money making blog. This means that you are buying a tested and proven product that produces results.

b)      If you read the article I wrote titled “How to Make Money Online in Nigeria”, you will discover that i have already given out so much information. In fact, i have explained the untold secret of finding and creating a niche blog from scratch. But just like I explained above, most people feel the information is not enough so I will be sharing more in-depth step by step details in the ultimate blogging toolkit.

c)       From personal observation, i have come to discover that Nigerians don’t attach value to free things. In fact, free things makes us lazy.

I have come to observe that once you make a small financial commitment towards a course or project, you will be highly motivated to profit from it. But if you invested nothing, you will be non-chalant towards the project. After all, you have nothing to lose.

d)      I am charging N5,500 because I am sure of the information I will be sharing with you and my integrity is at stake here. I am charging N5,500 to also keep Nigerians with the “Get rich quick” mentality” away from my package. I only want to work with serious minded individuals.

So if you are among the few chosen ones who have decided to end the year financially free, then i urge you to take action now. The Choice To Riches Is Yours.

Four Unquestionable Reasons Why You Should Grab this Package Now Before I Change My Mind.

  1. 1.       If you are tired of being average. If you are tired of your 9 – 5 Job; then order your own package now.
  2. 2.       You will be learning the secrets to making an extra $100 -$500 per week by just working for 2 Hours everyday. This secrets will definitely make your neighbours envious of you and you will be respected online as an expert in your niche.
  3. 3.       If you have attended seminars or bought materials in the past without results; then please take advantage of this package because it will be the last package you will buy online.
  4. 4.       If you want to end the year 2011 with an account balance of maybe an extra N200,000 – N500,000 – N1,000,000 or N2,000,000. Then please rush and grab your own package now.

Are You Scared Or You Think This Will Just Be Another Fruitless Make Money Online Package?

I know most of you have fallen for the sweet talks and promises of the so called internet marketers but please I want to make one thing clear. I am not an internet marketer; I am not a guru. I am simply an entrepreneur that knows his line of business like the palm of his hands. Now for those who are scared of the fact that I may not deliver on my promises or I am just another internet marketing fraudster, then I want to offer you my unconditional money back guarantee.

My Unconditional, No Question Money Back Guarantee for Those Who Will Be Willing To Take A Chance And Buy the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit

Now for those of you who are scared that I might just be another fast talking scammer, I am offering you a NO QUESTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you do spend time online, you will come to observe that my name “Ajaero Tony Martins” is well known and respected on the internet when it comes to business and entrepreneurship issues.

So for the sake of this Ultimate Blogging package and to further reduce your fears, I am putting my integrity and reputation on the line. If you take a chance and buy the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit and you are not satisfied with wthe information contained in the package. Just call me, tell me that the package isn’t up to your expectation and I will refund your N5,500 in full. No questions asked, No Stories and No Risk onyour part.

Now to further tell you that I am a man of my words, I will allow you keep the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit worth over N100,000 without asking you for anything.Now I see no reason why you can’t take me up on my challenge and order this package. I have simply removed the risk you will be taking. If you are not satisfied with the information, I will refund your money in full but you will still keep my N100,000 worth of Materials to yourself. Isn’t that fair enough?

So if you are prepared to write your own success story. If you are prepared to write your own check, then please just order my package and leave the rest to me. To buy the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit, please pay into any of the bank account provided below.

Bank Details

Bank: Diamond Bank PLC

Account Name:      Ajaero Tony Martins

Account Number: 001 645 5402

Bank: GTBank

Account Name: Ajaero Tony Martins

Account Number: 004 370 2249

After you have made the deposit, please call or text me your name and teller number. Once I confirm your deposit, I will rush your package to your email box in less than ten minutes.

Phone Number: 08022628615

PS: Please I only have limited copies of the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit. Once I exhaust the copies I have, I will stop selling.

PSS: After buying the package, I will continue to keep in touch with the you and provide mentorship advice to you. That’s why I can’t keep selling it for long.

PSSS: If you are highly motivated to grab this offer but for some reasons, you can’t. Just text or call and let me know. Your success is my concern.

For those who dare to take my offer, i am waiting to write your success story. GOD BLESS YOU. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.