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Dress Code 101: The Best Business Casual Attire for Women

Are you a business woman or entrepreneur? Do you know that there’s a particular dress code expected of business women? Do you know how to dress for success in business? Well, I will advice you read on as I share with you the best casual business attire for women.

Now whether you like it or not, the first impression people get from you is your appearance and it speaks a great deal about you. Whether you are meeting a customer, supplier, associate, government agents or investors; the way you dress in business is very important because it speaks of you even when you have not opened your mouth to say anything. As a rule of thumb, your dressing should denote class, professionalism and style. Having said all this, let’s now discuss how you should dress when engaged in business related tasks.

     Dress Code 101: The Best Business Casual Attire for Women

Whether you are engaged in an interview, having a board meeting, doing a sales presentation or negotiating a business deal; you should always strive to look professional and stylish. Why? The reason is because professional looking people get treated like a professional.  How you dress sends specific signals to people. So if you are interested in knowing the best business dress code for women, then let’s start from head to toe for women.

  Dress Code 101: The Best Business Casual Attire for Women

  • Your Facial makeup

The first and one of the most important parts of your body to consider critically is your face. When attending business events or issues, you should never wear too much jewelry or makeup.  One item of jewelry is enough. A small ring on one finger or small earrings would do the magic.  No big loops ladies. Your makeup should be conservative, just plain powder or concealer and barely any eye makeup would do. You should also avoid applying a lipstick, it is just not professional; but you keep your lips moist with lip gloss.

  • Your Body wear or Clothes

When it comes to suits, a business woman’s suit should be wool, linen, or cotton/polyester. You should also stick with black or navy, gray, and medium blues, at least for business meetings. As for blouses, solid colors and natural fabrics, such as cotton or silk look clean and professional. A scarf says a lot about a business woman; it is a powerful status symbol.

  • Your Footwear

Shoes should never be open toed and stay within 2 ½ inch heels, nothing faddish or multicolored. The color of your shoe should be the same or darker than your skirt. Pantyhose should always be neutral skin tones, nothing outlandish, unless you are interviewing in the fashion industry. A briefcase is an excellent choice for a business woman, but don’t bring along your purse too. It looks clumsy trying to juggle them around. You should choose either brown or burgundy, black or navy, either one is fine. You do not want to ever distract the interviewer or associates with your outfit, makeup or accessories.

As a final note, your personal hygiene is probably the most important of them all. Bad breath, dandruff, body odor, and dirty unmanicured nails do not give a good impression. In fact, they can render your stylish outlook useless. When it comes to body odor, you are what you eat. If you consume a lot of garlic, onions, cilantro, and junk food, not only will it show in your skin, but it will seep through your pores.  So make sure you eat a natural healthy diet so you always smell pleasant. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.