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How to Dress for Success as a Business Woman

Do you know that your dress code or attire has the power to attract respect from your peers and associates? How do you dress for success as a business woman? Do you know that your personal appearance has an effect on your performance and also influence others, either positive or negative. Well, this article will explain in detail how to dress for success in business as a female entrepreneur.

As a business woman, your attire should speak of your career and profession. Your attire must speak good of you and it also has to represent you well. The right clothes for the right business situation sends an important message. As a woman in business, you have to appreciate those clothes, colors and style that express your personal brand just like your business cards or your website. So without wasting your time, here’s how to dress for success in business.

How to Dress for Success as a Business Woman

  • Corporate Suits

Finely tailored suits with a crease is a wonderful idea. Pants and suits which are made from wool, and wool blends are good standard business attire and works for all seasons. But you must ensure that your pants are ironed and as wrinkle free as possible. Avoid synthetic fabrics such as rayon and polyester.

  • Dresses and Skirts

You have to understand that the right color and material are important but the right length is critical. If you sit in a chair and much part of your thigh is revealed either with legs crossed or uncrossed, then the outfit is too short. In case your skirt has a slit, it should be little, centered in the back of your skirt. No higher than the back of your knee. High slits in skirts are not appropriate.

  • Under Garment

You must ensure that your undergarment (panties and bras) does not show through your clothing. Undergarments are meant to support your figure and not show through clothing. If your panty line shows through your clothing, maybe it is too tight or you might need to wear a slip.

  • Corporate Shirts

Rule one: Do not show your cleavage. Your blouses should be well tailored and must be co-ordinate with the rest of your outfit. Fine-gauge knit shells are fine but be sure any top you choose is not see-through. You must make sure your shirt is a nice combination with what you are wearing down.

  • Shoes

Wearing closed-toed pumps in a color that compliments your outfit are always the best. Do not wear shoes with chunky heels or stilettos .It is more advisable to wear shoes that fit well so you can walk comfortably. Your shoe color should coordinate with the color of your purse. Keep shoes clean and well polished.

In conclusion, it is important that you be mindful of the color and patterns you wear for business events or to the office because not every color and pattern is suitable for business. For the fact that you enjoy wearing denim does not make it a business attire. You must also know that there are casual business attires for day to day business affairs and there are also special corporate clothes for business meetings, events, conference, etc. Therefore, when you step out into the business world, don’t forget to dress as a powerful business woman. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.