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Start Up Small Business Loans for Women: What to do if your Proposal Gets Denied

Getting a “denied” response from a lender after submitting a proposal is oftentimes heartbreaking. For most women who mean serious business in asking for funds to start-up or develop their money making scheme, being denied from accessing start up small business loans for women is such a sad experience. However, instead of seeing this as a major disaster, a daring and smart business woman will take this setback as a challenge to be more resourceful.

        Start Up Small Business Loans for Women: What to do if your Proposal Gets Denied

On the other hand, the big question that follows after a denied loan proposal is: What will I do next? Well there are plenty of things that you can do after receiving a “thumbs-down.”

                Five things to do if your Start Up Small Business Loans for Women: What to do if your Proposal Gets Denied application gets denied

First of all, it is not all the time that start up business loans for women are being approved by an agency. If a proposal gets denied, it’s nothing personal. The first step to accepting this fact is for you, the loan applicant to understand that there is nothing really personal going on – that it was not just your character which made the results unfavorable. Aside your character, a lending corporation or an agency also looks at several other factors before approving a proposal such as: the debt ratio, credit score and the business’ profitability.

Secondly, being polite to the agency that offers small business loans for women even if your proposal is denied is a decent way to show professionalism. Every business woman or entrepreneur should practice being polite and grateful. For instance, thanking the agency or the institution for reviewing your proposal is a concrete way to show these values. And besides, perhaps if the lender appreciates these values – your next proposal wouldn’t be denied anymore!

Thirdly, review your proposal by asking the lender the reason why it was denied; perhaps the proposal lacks information, or the business plan isn’t very convincing. Lenders of start up small business loans for women always check the business plan – whether the business is more likely to succeed or not.

In addition, it is also essential to take into consideration the lender itself. Perhaps the agency is too big for the proposal or it’s the other way around. If this is the case, it is wise to seek other lending agencies or institutions. Usually, if the proposal is to start a small business, it is advisable to apply in agencies or banks that are supporting small small start up business loans for women.

Lastly, quitting is never an option. Start up small business loans for women aren’t the only sources of funding. If the first proposal fails, finding for other types of loans is another option. In applying for other loans that can fund your business, it is important to consider your resources so that the right kind of loan is taken. For instance, a homeowner can apply for a home equity loan – this is a good choice. Applying for a collateral loan is also a good option.

In conclusion, small business loans for women don’t always get approved. However, even if you have been denied of a proposal, it doesn’t mean that it’s already the end of your career as an entrepreneur. These setbacks in life are just normal. What a determined business woman should remember is that there are always new opportunities ahead. Denied requests aren’t reasons to mope around and complain about things, these things exist to let each woman stand up and improve herself. © 2009 - 2015. All Rights Reserved | See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.